Instant Pot Meals That Last In An Emergency

Preparing for a natural disaster can be scary and worrisome (believe me, I know as I’ve been through a few myself).  Many officials within potential targets of such things suggest you stock up on food and water ahead of time, and of course you should listen.  You should also secure yourself a good, strong cooler (like a Yeti which you can buy here or at many other places) filled with ice to help maintain the refrigeration of cold foods and drinks.  A Yeti is the top-of-the-line cooler which will keep ice frozen for quite a few days.

Luckily, there are a bunch of recipes your Instant Pot can cook up prior to a storm where, even if you lose power, you’ll still be able to eat it. These recipes of mine will stay cold and last for a good few days in a good cooler with no need at all to heat up in case you have no electric or gas to do so:

Hard Boiled Eggs

Having hard-boiled eggs on hand is a must for some vital protein and nutrition. You can also make egg salad by adding in some mayo and seasoning it up as you wish.

Deviled Eggs

If you want something a bit more than a hard-boiled egg, make them deviled! The varieties are infinite. Perfect as a snack or a meal.

Shredded Chicken

This one is VERY important and will come in the most handy.  It’s another excellent source of protein and energy that you can dress anyway you wish:  mayo, BBQ sauce, dressing, lemon – whatever works best for you.

Yogurt Two Ways

Not only is yogurt one of the easiest things you’ll ever make, it’s 100x better when homemade vs. store-bought. And the possibilities are endless.


Just as good cold as it is hot, Ratatouille is a veggie lover’s delight. But even carnivores will love this dish since the flavor is so deep and rich, you’d think it was a beef stew!


Not only is this dip healthy, but it’s very filling and a few scoops on some chips or veggies can serve as a very satisfying snack.

Israeli/Pearl Couscous

One of those dishes that are perfect hot OR cold. These simple and light pearls of flavor will be absolutely perfect for the little ones as well as their protectors.

Pesto Pasta Chicken Salad

This pasta salad is absolutely perfect served cold and can serve as a very hearty meal with tons of flavor and an Italian flair.

Macaroni Salad

This macaroni salad is also loaded with proteins and some veggies and you can alter it as you see fit.  A VERY filling and satisfying meal all in itself.


Got some greek yogurt leftover? Transform it into Tzatziki! Just grab some pita/bread/crackers and dip into this fantastic and healthy deliciousness. Perfect as a snack.


Simple, easy and some of the best applesauce you’ll ever make. Perfect all around, any time of day.

Noodle Pudding

This dish can be served chilled or taken out to set at room temperature and then eaten.  It will make for a sweeter side or a dessert.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

This cake requires no refrigeration at all and can sit on the counter for dessert while all your other foods are in the cooler being refrigerated.


I hope this helps anyone planning on using their Instant Pot to prep meals for any hurricanes or foreseeable power outages.  Be smart, stay safe and keep calm.

If you have any questions about any of these recipes, I’m here for you.


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  1. Carolina Regge

    Hi Jeffrey, I love your recipes and the inspiration you share. Quick question for you…Does your Instant Pot Jeffrey’s Favorite Chicken freeze well or does it do well if I prepare it a couple of days before I intend to impress my daughter’s new boyfriend’s family when they come into town?

    • Jeffrey

      Thanks for the kind words and it does freeze well! But nothing is like making it fresh – especially if cooking to impress!

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