Jeffrey’s Journey – Weight For It: Week 2

Weight For It: Week 2

After Week 1’s 11.5 lb loss, I went into this week feeling absolutely terrific and more confident than ever. THIS is why weighing yourself is so important. Not only does it keep you in check, but it also continues to motivate you once you see the number going down instead of up! All that hard work is paying off and it throws you into the next week with flying colors.

And I have some more great results to show for it!

So what did I do? I’ll tell you – here’s a run-down of what I ate each day (along with links to recipes/products) as well as my exercise routine:

Mon, 7/23 (Starting Weight: 250 lbs)

Tues, 7/24

Wed, 7/25

Thurs, 7/26 

Fri, 7/27

  • Breakfast – 1 cup of Special K + Skim Milk with fresh berries
  • Lunch – 2 hard-boiled eggs (recipe here) and a plum
  • Dinner – 5 Soup dumplings, 2 scallion pancakes wedges and about 2 cups of Chinese food combined (shrimp fried rice, roast pork and shredded beef)
  • Beverages: Water/Seltzer throughout the day as well as about 3 beers and 4 cocktails (it was a night out, alright…)
  • Gym: 45 minutes on elliptical machine (approx 5 miles)

Sat, 7/28

  • Breakfast – 1 cup of Special K + Skim Milk with pineapple and honeydew
  • Lunch – Italian hero (about 4″) WITH the bread
  • Snack – Guacamole (about 1/2 cup) and chips (about 20)
  • Dinner – Italian hero (about 4″) WITHOUT the bread
  • Beverages: 3 beers, 3 cocktails and water throughout the day (it was a pool party, so…)
  • Gym: None

Sun, 7/29 (Ending Weight: 245 lbs)

  • Breakfast – 1 cup of Greek yogurt (recipe here), pineapple and honeydew
  • Snack – Plum
  • Late Lunch/Early Dinner – Full-Size Southwest Avocado Salad from Wendy’s with 1 packet of dressing
  • Snack – Sugar-free Popsicle
  • Beverages: Water & Seltzer throughout the day
  • Gym: 45 minutes on elliptical machine (approx 5 miles)

Another 5 lbs down! Now it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I didn’t lose another 10 lbs this week. While that’s normal to happen on the first week of a weight loss journey, that isn’t common to happen each week as it’s an extreme number. If we all lost 10 lbs each week, life would be a whole lot easier 😉

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