Jeffrey’s Journey – Weight For It: Week 1

Weight For It: Week 1

The first week is always the toughest and the easiest at the same time.

It’s the toughest because your body will undergo withdrawals from sugar and heavy carbs/fats that you may have been used to eating on the daily. And since our stomach is larger than we want it to be, that means it will grumble and growl until it’s filled. This is where water and carbonated water/seltzer comes in big time – it helps fill it up and kill the hunger. Or you can have some fresh fruit or raw veggies.

It’s the easiest because, if you radically change your habits with a lighter, yet satisfying menu as well as added fitness, you’ll likely lose the most weight in the first week. Also, be prepared to go to the bathroom a few more times than usual. This is a good thing. Your body is pushing out all the bad stuff.

So what did I do? I’ll tell you – here’s a run-down of what I ate each day (along with links to recipes/products) as well as my exercise routine:

Mon, 7/16 (Starting Weight: 261.5 lbs)

Tues, 7/17 

  • Breakfast – 1 cup of Greek yogurt (recipe here), pineapple and canteloupe
  • Snack – Premier Protein Shake
  • Lunch – Full-Size Southwest Avocado Salad from Wendy’s with 1 packet of dressing (believe it or not!)
  • Dinner – 2 hard-boiled eggs mixed with 1/2 tbsp of light mayo (made into egg salad) and a plum
  • Beverages: Water/Seltzer throughout the day
  • Gym: 45 minutes on elliptical machine (approx 5 miles)

Wed, 7/18

Thurs, 7/19 

Fri, 7/20

Sat, 7/21

  • Breakfast – 1 cup of Special K + Skim Milk
  • Lunch – Fried Mexican platter and chips (naughty meal – about 1 Quesadilla)
  • Snack – Premier Protein Shake
  • Dinner – Cobb Salad with Skirt Steak and dressing on the side
  • Late Night (naughty) – about half of a small shake from DQ
  • Beverages: 1 margarita, 1 sangria, 1 beer and water throughout the day
  • Gym: 45 minutes on elliptical machine (approx 5 miles)

Sun, 7/22 (Ending Weight: 250 lbs)

  • Breakfast – 1 cup of Special K + Skim Milk
  • Snack – Plum
  • Late Lunch/Early Dinner – Large Cobb Salad with Grilled Chicken
  • Snack – Sugar-free Popsicle
  • Beverages: 1 martini, 2 beers and water throughout the day
  • Gym: 45 minutes on elliptical machine (approx 5 miles)

11.5 pounds in a week! Of course, much of that is from releasing toxins, salt from being bloated and the such – but it’s a GREAT start and a huge step in the right direction (not to mention, great on the confidence). I feel lighter, more energized and start my day with excitement as opposed to feeling lazy and gross like I did when I ate pizza or burgers/fries with soda at 11PM. But the best part is, I was STILL able to indulge a bit on the weekend and I STILL lost a nice amount of weight! Sheer proof that you can eat how you want by just planning for it and doing it within reason!

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    Maybe not the best place to mention it but you should be very proud of what you’ve accomplished with the publishing of your books. They’ve obviously been great hits and deservedly so. Congratulations on your success. You obviously work very hard.

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