I’m a food addict. I can eat it in countless ways and in large quantities – all within a few hours of each other. Is it something to be ashamed of? Nah.  I like good food and we only live in this world once, right?!  BUT it’s something that sometimes makes me feel bummed out when my clothing no longer comfortably fits and I avoid looking in mirrors.

It sucks and it’s so easy to want to quit and give in. Especially if you’re like me where you’ve gone from both the slimmer and huskier sides of the weight spectrum like a Duncan Yo-Yo.

But we can change all that if we want to.  We can 10000000000% CHANGE this. Because if I was able to do it, you bet your bottom dollar than you can too.

I lost 45 pounds from Jan 2017 – May 2017.  And in the time since then, I’ve (for the most part) maintained that weight.

“So how did you do it?!  WHAT’S YOUR SECRET?!”

Well, there really isn’t a secret.  Actually, a lot of it was achieved due to smarter, more controlled eating thanks to regularly cooking in the Instant Pot instead of always eating takeout.

“Well, I’ve tried a ton of diets and NONE work to my liking or I lose a lot and then gain it all back when I go off it!  Isn’t there a way we can look past all those diets and still ENJOY what we eat and EAT what we love and still be able to slim down?”

The answer is Yes. YES. YES.10000000000% YES!

Here at Pressure Luck, I describe the THREE KEY STEPS to a successful weight loss journey.

Step One:  Find The Motivation & Will

We all know that saying “I wanna lose some weight” is much easier said than done and actions speak way louder than words.

Unless you start a little fire within yourself and truly stick to a regimen, it will be difficult to succeed.  You have to WANT this to DO this.

Seek an online weight-loss support group, create a weight-loss log – just do whatever it takes to motivate yourself and OWN this.

NOTHING will feel better than waking up in the morning without feeling like there’s a brick in your stomach from eating Domino’s right before bed the night before.

Step Two: Let’s Get Physical

Break out the Olivia Newton-John because there is nothing like some cardio to get that heart pumping and some sweat forming to help your body adjust getting to its smaller, fitter shape.

This can mean either doing a 60 minute bootcamp workout, striding on an elliptical or a simple walk around your neighborhood.  The point is, no matter WHAT method of exercise you do, it ALL counts and SOME activity is better than NONE at all.  (And sitting on the couch eating Doritos isn’t an activity – believe me, I’ve tried to make it one).

After spending about 4-5 45-minute sessions in the gym per week (mostly on the elliptical), I realized my face starting looking less pudgy, I could start seeing my collar bone and my waist began to slim down.  The best part?  My pants wouldn’t stay up anymore.  Well, I mean, that’s not good to happen in public, but in your own bedroom?  It’s AWESOME!


When it comes to losing weight, what I’ve learned is the way NOT to do it is to torture yourself by depriving yourself of the foods you love.  In fact, if you do, you could end up binging them really hardcore if you go off your diet for whatever reason (a bad day at work, for instance).

This is where the Instant Pot comes into play.

MAKE SURE you eat healthy foods of course and check out a bunch of options that helped me here. BUT you can also really eat anything you want so long as you take this one rule into account:  PORTION CONTROL.

And make sure you treat yourself every so often!  Have that lava cake!

Think of it as a trade-off.  You CAN eat Alla Vodka or Creamy Chicken Enchiladas!  Just be wise about how much of it you should consume in one sitting.  Believe me, I could easily polish off a dish that’s meant for 4 in one sitting, but we must employ our will & motivation in Step One.  Eat slowly, pause between each bite and SAVOR the FLAVOR!

And you can take any of my other recipes and always modify the ingredients to tailor it to your standards!

Drink LOTS of water (diet soda is actually really not good for you to drink often while trying to lose weight just because it says it has “0 calories”) and also try not to eat a few hours before bed.

I assure you, if you follow these steps, you will see results you will be so proud of.  I did and I am 😉

Check out my video on this subject here!: