Pressure Luck’s Hanukkah Menu!

It’s Hanukkah/Chanukah!!! There are SIXTEEN ways to spell this word by the way, but no matter if you choose the soft “h” way or the way that makes you sound like you have a tickle in your throat, it’s all the same festival of lights!

And while everyone loves giving and receiving eight nights of gifts, Hanukkah wouldn’t be anything without some of the delicious food to go along with it!  So here are EIGHT recipes to get you through some of the festivities that a Maccabee would approve of!

Enjoy these fabulous recipes for any Jewish gathering or for ANY occasion regardless of your religion. In fact, I’ll let you in on a little secret – just like I’m a Jewish fella who loves Italian and Chinese, YOU don’t need to claim an ounce of Judaism to enjoy these – food knows no religion!


Potato Pancake Pillows

I took my Instant Pot and re-invented the latke in a more untraditional, yet wholesome way. My Potato Pancake Pillows are not only super easy to make, they’re also a healthier, fluffier, less greasy alternative to latke and save so much time grating potatoes! You, the family and even the Rabbi are gonna love ’em!  Make them using these silicone pod trays!


You’re gonna DEFINITELY want to make my applesauce to keep those Potato Pancake Pillows company! This stuff is the real deal that’s not only 100% natural and rich in flavor, but also so much healthier than the stuff you’d buy in the market!

Jewish Wedding Soup

I have to admit, this recipe is one of my proudest accomplishments. In keeping with the name, it’s literally the wedding of the best elements of an Italian Wedding Soup and a Jewish Matzo Ball Soup! I’ve made it for some family and friends and they all went absolutely nuts over it – their eyes were seeing spinning dreidels with each slurp. Sheer joy with every bite!

Horseradish Deviled Eggs

These babies are DY-NO-MITE!  Such a little crowd pleaser because they aren’t only adorable to look at and pop in your mouth, they also taste absolutely AWESOME!  Maybe it’s that Gold’s horseradish mixed with the creaminess of some fluffy, mayo-infused egg yolks but this is one that will go fast so make plenty and use these awesome egg caddies (especially if traveling and taking them to someone else’s house)!

Jewish Brisket

One of my most POPULAR dishes, not only is my Jewish Brisket is so tender and full of such a deep, rich, flavorful and sweet & tangy sauce, but it is also SO EASY TO MAKE! I guarantee you that if you make this, the entire table will beg you for the recipe, have seconds and have their eyes on the last piece. But make sure you’re a mensch and offer it to Nana or Pop Pop!


Stuffed Cabbage

My Grandma Lil knew what she was doing when she made this one. Not only is it also one of my most popular recipes because of how incredibly delicious and homemade they taste, but it is a special treat to sit down and make them with a loved one while swapping stories of yore (and maybe a little gossip). A true family legacy, from mine to yours!

Blintz Soufflé

The mother of sweetness, my Blintz Soufflé will not only become the topic of conversation due to how beautiful it looks, it will also possibly be the dish that everyone talks about the most. Guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth and trigger happiness.

Noodle Pudding

This dish is a real sweet one and not like your traditional kugel! It can be served chilled or taken out to set at room temperature and then eaten. It will also make for a sweeter side or a dessert and that graham cracker crust at the top is enough to make you want to fiddle on a roof!


So get to spinning the dreidels, lighting the menorah and hoarding the gelt because dinner is served!

Happy Hanukkah or Chanukah or Hanukah or Hannukah or Chanuka or Chanukkah or Hanuka or Channukah or Chanukka or Hanukka or Hannuka or Hannukkah or Channuka or Hannukka or Channukkah or Channukka or Chanuqa!!!

-Jeffrey ?

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