Instant Pot Spanish (Yellow) Rice

If there’s anything the Instant Pot can replace, it’s your rice cooker, let alone stovetop pots! This thing makes perfect rice without NY of the hassles or fears of it burning/sticking to the bottom of the pot.

And since I am totally in love with Spanish/Yellow Rice (Arroz Amarillo), I felt like showing you how easy and fabulous it’s done.

So move over stove, there’s a newer, more perfect way to cook rice today!

Here’s How I Made It!: 

Start off with some Spanish/Yellow rice. There are low sodium options here too!

Add the rice to the Instant Pot…

…along with some water…

…and stir together so everything’s combined.

Add in a little butter, secure the lid and cook at high pressure.

When done, the rice will have cooked perfectly! Grab a fork…

…and fluff the rice!

Transfer some to a bowl…

 …and there you have it! All ready to be devoured.

Try some out…

…have a moment of disbelief at how quick, easy and delicious it tastes…

 …look at the camera…

 …and go back for more.Ole! Simply amazing!

Enjoy it with ANYTHING on my Mexican Menu!

Instant Pot Spanish (Yellow) Rice
Yield: 6

Instant Pot Spanish (Yellow) Rice

Instant Pot Spanish (Yellow) Rice

I love Spanish rice. It's so pretty with it's yellow color and so flacvorful with its special seasonings. This is the perfect side for any Mexican or Tex-Mex meal as well.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 14 minutes
Total Time 19 minutes


  • 1 7-8 oz box of Spanish/Yellow Rice/Arroz Amarillo (I used Goya)
  • 1 1/4 cup of water
  • 1 tbsp of salted butter
  • Note: No matter how much rice you want to make it is always a 1:1.25 ratio of rice to water, respectively


  1. Go to the Instant Pot, add in the rice followed by the water and stir together. Add the butter the the center of the pot and secure the lid. Hit “Manual” or “Pressure Cook” High Pressure for 4 minutes and then allow a natural release for 10 minutes before finishing it off with a quick release. (Note: A natural release means you allow the steam to escape on its in the pot when done cooking. In other words, once the rice is done cooking, you do nothing for 10 minutes and then do a quick release)
  2. When done, remove lid, fluff with a fork and serve with any dish you see fit or eat on its own!
  3. Enjoy it with ANYTHING on my Mexican Menu!

Jeffrey's Tips

Enjoy it with ANYTHING on my Mexican Menu!

If you wish to double the recipe, go for it! Just remember, this rice is a 1:1.25 ratio meaning 1 cup of rice to 1.25 cups of water. No fancy, confusing rice measuring cups needed – a regular measuring cup will do fine! The cooking and release times remain exactly the same!

Want more rice options? Try my brown rice or white rice instead!

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  1. B.R.

    I use your rice recipe all the time and have shared it with plenty of parents as a quick, foolproof side dish during our busy dinner time. Can you provide measurements for the family pack size rice? It’s more in the pack and I know there will be a difference with the water. Trust me, I already failed at using the same measurements and it didn’t work.

    • CB

      1c rice to 1 1/4c or 10oz water
      1 1/2c rice to 15oz water
      2c rice to 2 1/2c or 20oz water
      2 1/2c rice to 25oz water
      I hope that helps…..just turn the water measurement into ounces.

  2. Donna P.

    I was looking for a recipe for yellow rice and black beans and thought this would work. I also added andouille sausage, too. It was perfectly cooked and delicious!

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