Instant Pot Pepperoni Pizza Pasta

If you ever wanted to make a pepperoni pizza into a pasta, this is the recipe for you. And, to up the ante, if you wanted to make it with only FIVE ingredients in a true “dump and go” fashion in ONE pot, you’ve really come to the right pizza party. This recipe is so outrageous in both flavor and simplicity, it practically makes itself! I’m talking the easiest, cheesiest, PLEASIEST meal.

Pepperoni Pizza Pasta
Pouring broth in the pot
Begin by adding some broth to the pot…
Pouring marinara in pot
…along with some marinara or pizza sauce.
Adding macaroni to pot
Then, add in a short-form pasta of your choice (I like large elbow macaroni).
Submerging pasta in liquid
DON’T STIR! Just smooth the pasta out with a wooden spatula or spoon so it’s mostly submerged in liquid. Secure the lid and cook at high pressure.
Cooked pasta in pot
When done, you’ll see the pasta will have cooked perfectly!
Adding more marinara to pot
Now to pizza this pasta up! Add in more sauce (preferably at room temperature so it doesn’t cool the pasta down too much)…
Adding shredding mozzarella cheese to pot
…shredded mozzarella…
Adding pepperoni to pot.
…and, of course, pepperoni!
Give everything a good stir…
Stirring pasta
…until the pasta become super saucy and cheesy – like a sloppy, yet delicious pizza!
You can either serve it as is OR…
Topping finished pasta with more cheese and pepperoni
…you can give it an extra special step by sprinkling on an additional few cups of mozzarella and topping with more pepperoni.
Bubbly-brown cheese layer with some crisped pepperoni
…and broil until you get a bubbly-brown cheese layer with some crisped pepperoni!
Scooping pasta with serving spoon
Grab a serving spoon…
Pasta in bowl
…and place in a bowl
Man holding bowl of pasta
Oh you just know you wanna dig in!
Man lifting a forkful of pasta with long strand of cheese attached
The first thing you’re going to do is notice how this pasta is exactly like a super cheesy slice of pizza loaded with pepperoni! (It’s ridiculous in the best way possible).
Man eating pasta
Play that game of airplane.
Man looking euphoric
And the face says it all! The easiest, cheesiest, PLEASIEST meal! Goes great with my garlic bread!
Instant Pot Pepperoni Pizza Pasta
Yield: 6

Instant Pot Pepperoni Pizza Pasta

Instant Pot Pepperoni Pizza Pasta

If you ever wanted to make a pepperoni pizza into a pasta, this is the recipe for you. And, to up the ante, if you wanted to make it with only FIVE ingredients in a true "dump and go" fashion in ONE pot, you've really come to the right pizza party. This recipe is so outrageous in both flavor and simplicity, it practically makes itself! I'm talking the easiest, cheesiest, PLEASIEST meal.

Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Additional Time 5 minutes
Total Time 12 minutes



  1. Add the broth and 1 ½ cups of marinara sauce to the Instant Pot. Stir well. Add the pasta but do not stir. Just smooth it out so it’s mostly submerged.
  2. Secure the lid and move the valve to the sealing position. Hit Cancel followed by Manual or Pressure Cook on High Pressure for 5 minutes. Quick release when done and give the pot a good stir.
  3. Stir in the cheese until stretchy (NOTE: start with 2 cups and, after stirring, see if you’re content with the cheese count. If not, add up to 2 cups more). Then follow with the remaining 2 cups of marinara and the pepperoni (reserving some for topping if following Step 4). Let rest for 5 minutes and either serve or….
  4. For A Pizza-Style Finish: Evenly top the finished pasta with another 1-2 cups of shredded Mozzarella and pepperoni slices. Add the Air Fryer Lid to your Instant Pot and hit Broil (400°) for 5-10 minutes until the cheese is bubbly and browned. Alternatively, you can also do this by placing the pasta in a casserole dish and broiling in the oven until the cheese is golden brown.

Jeffrey's Tips

Wanna make this pizza vodka-style? Sub vodka sauce for the marinara!

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  1. Jim

    Just made this for lunch. Excellent recipe. I expanded a bit to make it more like a true pizza. I added some spices including oregano, Italian seasoning, and a pizza seasoning by Chef Prudhomme. Then when it was time for the air fryer lid portion, I added two of my favorite pizza toppings, pineapple and onion (along with the pepperoni in Jeffery’s original recipe). On top of all that, or I should say underneath all that, I served it on a piece of naan flatbread. The kitchen smelled like a pizzeria.

    So this is one recipe you can let your imagination run wild with and create your bit of pizza heaven. Yeah, I know it’s carb overload but oh so worth it! Oh, and that crust from the air fryer lid is to just die for.

  2. Steve

    I am envisioning this using little balls of Italian Sausage, bacon or ham, mushrooms, onions, green olives, many things…but no acnchovies or pineapple…lol

  3. Mark Broomfield-Ranney

    Will it work if I sauté mushrooms and onions first, then follow the recipe? That would be more like the pizza we usually order in my home. Or would it be better to add those on top of the cheese before broiling?

  4. Mark

    I want to add mushrooms and onion to make it more like a supreme pizza. Question–should I sautee them and add in before broiling or put on top when I broil at the end? Or half and half? I want it to still be just as tasty!

  5. Mark

    If I want to add additional toppings, should I mix in before pressure cooking or add on top before broiling? I’m thinking onion and mushrooms!

  6. Judy

    I cook for 1 so I freeze extras using Souper Cubes so I can control my calories. About what amount would a serving be? 6 servings seems a little large (in picture) for me. I freeze your Mac and Cheese in the 1 cup size.

  7. Scott

    I make several of your recipes on a regular basis. This is one of our favorites. Super easy (I like easy) and very tasty. My wife loves it and tells me it is #2 right behind your Linguine and Clams in White Wine Sauce.
    It is just the two of us so there is a bunch leftover that I portion and freeze for lunches.
    Thank you Jeffrey!

  8. David

    This looks great as is but I may add some small meatballs to it! I see a lot of viewers naming their favorite recipes of yours. So many great ones but our favorite is your Chicken Picatta!

  9. Kate

    Such a quick and tasty dinner, I made a nice salad and we were all set! And we will have it again tomorrow night, love leftovers!

  10. Holly C

    Lots of people have been asking, but I’ll ask again just in case. I’m planning on adding a bunch more things like sausage, peppers, onions and mushrooms. Would they be put in before the pressure cook or before the broil? Thank you in advance!!

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