Instant Pot Blintz Soufflé


The Jewish New Year/High Holidays are all about sweet beginnings.  So I took that and ran with it all the way to the bema.

To those unfamiliar, blintzes are simply spring roll-shaped crepes stuffed with a fruit or sweet cheese filling (or with potato, but we wont use those here).A staple at many Yom Kippur break-fasts (meaning, the reprieve from a day of starvation), when I tell you my Blintz Soufflé is just about one of the most decadent things you’ll ever put in your mouth, you’ll soon find out I’m no fibber.  I take mine to the next level by making it more than just a soufflé – I make it almost like a blintz/crepe soufflé cake with fruity filling and a cream cheese glaze (yes, you read that right).

Once you take a bite, words will be difficult to describe the joy that will take place in your mouth. You won’t be sure whether this should be served as a side, breakfast or a full on dessert.  Even better?  You’ll be able to eat it hot, cold or room temperature too!

So go on, have a little nosh and I guarantee you this will start your year off on the sweetest most sugar-coated note possible!

Here’s How I Made It!

 It begins with a mixing bowl and taking some sour cream

…cracking a few eggs…

…adding in some sugar…

…a little vanilla…

..and a little OJ.

Lower the mixer into the bowl…

…and blend until creamy.

Now take your fancy stackable pans

…and a little butter.

Grease up the bottoms and sides of each pan and then layer in some of the soufflé mixture…

…so that the bottoms are just coated.

Now take some frozen blintzes (use a sweet one like cherry, blueberry or cheese.  Don’t use a savory one like potato)…

…and layer 6 in each pan.

Pour the remaining soufflé batter equally over the blintzes in each pan…

…so that they look like this when done.

Stack the pans on top of one another, add the lid and fasten the caddy.

Now, add the trivet and a cup of water to the Instant Pot…

…and carefully lower the caddy into it.  Secure the lid and cook on high pressure.

While the blintzes are soufflé-ing, take some cream cheese out of the fridge to come to room temperature.

When the blintzes are done, remove from the caddy, remove the top lid, unstack them and let them cool for a few minutes.

Meanwhile, make the cream cheese glaze by taking the room temperature cream cheese.

Start by beating that cream cheese so hard it becomes smooth.

Now add a little confectioner’s sugar…

…some vanilla…

…and a bit of milk…

…and blend for a few minutes until all the lumps are out and super smooth.

Transfer the glaze to a piping bag (it’s easier/less messy to fill it with the bag in a tall glass)

Now take a plate that is larger in diameter than the pans…

…have them kiss each other tightly….

…and flip them quickly.  The blintz soufflés will slide right out onto the plate!

See?  Lovely.  Now let’s make them gorgeous.

Take some of that blueberry pie filling…

…and spread it over the blueberry soufflé.

Then take some of cherry pie filling…

…and spread it over the cherry soufflé.

Take the glaze in the piping bag, give the tip of the bag a Bris (snip it) and pipe it over each soufflé…

…lattice-style.  Is that gorgeous or what?

Now serve our soufflés like a cake!  Take a slice of cherry…

…and a slice of the blueberry.

…Savor the flavor…

…and wish everyone a happy, healthy, SWEET new year!L’Shana Tova!

Instant Pot Blintz Soufflé
Yield: 6

Instant Pot Blintz Soufflé

Instant Pot Blintz Soufflé

Breakfast, dessert or a side? With a Blintz Soufflé, you get all three. This is a Jewish casserole delight that utilizes a cheesecake-like filling that glues together cherry, blueberry or cheese blintzes.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour 15 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 20 minutes


  • Two packs of 6 blintzes of your choice for a total of 12 (I strongly suggest doing one cherry and one blueberry)
  • 16oz of Sour Cream
  • 6 large eggs
  • 1 cup of granulated sugar
  • 2 tsp of vanilla extract, divided in half
  • 1 tsp of orange juice
  • 4oz (1/2 brick) of cream cheese, at room temperature
  • 1/2 cup of confectioner’s (powdered) sugar
  • 1/4 cup of milk
  • 21oz can of cherry pie filling (I used Duncan Hines-Comstock)
  • 21oz can of blueberry pie filling (I used Duncan Hines-Comstock)


  1. In a Kitchen Aid stand mixer or in a mixing bowl using a good hand mixer, add the sour cream, eggs, granulated sugar, 1 tsp of vanilla extract and orange juice.  Using the whisk attachment, blend well (starting on “Stir” and then working your way up to speed level 4 if using a Kitchen Aid stand mixer) until it’s nice and smooth with the sugar dissolved
  2. Taking stackable pans (I am using my Ekovana pans because they are PERFECT for this) that are about 7-7.5″ in diameter and about 2.5″ high, grease the bottoms and sides of each with some butter.  Then, pour just enough of the soufflé batter to cover the bottoms of each pan
  3. Lay 6 blintzes into each pan (I usually do one flavor per pan, but feel free to mix them up) and then pour the remaining batter evenly over each pan.  Stack the pans, place the lid on the top pan and secure in the caddy
  4. In the Instant Pot, add the trivet and 1.5 cups of water. Rest the foil/lid covered pans on top of it. If using a pan other than the Ekovana, make a sling out of aluminum foil to easily get the pan out of the Instant Pot when done cooking. If you don’t feel like making a sling, just be careful when you lower the pot and be very careful when removing it after cooking
  5. Secure the lid and hit “Manual” or “Pressure Cook” High Pressure for 60 minutes (take the cream cheese out of the fridge during this time so it becomes room temperature). Quick release when done. Carefully remove the pans from the Instant Pot when done cooking and let cool for 15 minutes
  6. While the soufflés are cooling, make the cream cheese glaze by going back to the Kitchen Aid stand mixer using the paddle attachment or in a mixing bowl using a good hand mhand mixerxer and beat the cream cheese until all the lumps are out and it’s very creamy. Then, add in the confectioner’s sugar, the other 1 tsp of vanilla extract and the milk.  Beat well until all the lumps are out of the cream cheese and it’s smooth (don’t get lazy here – make sure it’s totally lump-free and smooth for the proper result). Transfer the finished cream cheese glaze to a piping bag (setting it in a tall glass will make for an easier, less messy transfer) and set aside
  7. Taking a serving plate with a diameter wider than the pans, press it to the pan and flip. The soufflés should pop right onto the plate. Using a spatula, spread the cherry & blueberry pie fillings on top of their respective soufflés. Finish off by piping the cream cheese glaze over each soufflé in a lattice fashion. Serve either right away, at room temperature or refrigerated!
  8. Enjoy!

Jeffrey's Tips

This is seriously one of the easiest and most outrageous things to satisfy ANY sweet tooth!  It tastes great hot/warm, room temperature or right out of the fridge!  Also works as a killer breakfast or dessert as well as an entree at a dairy-themed meal!

If you want a different fruit filling in the blintzes or on top of the soufflé, by all means, use whatever you desire!  Maybe even try it with an apple pie filling topping with a maple honey glaze instead to get that whole apples ‘n honey theme of the Jewish New Year in there!

The Duncan Hines-Comstock brand is AMAZING for the filling and you can buy the ccherry hereerry here and the blueberry here.

The Ekovana Pans are PERFECT for this and can be used with quite a few of my recipes such as my Lasagna Rolls and Pineapple Upside Down Cake with more coming!. Click here to buy at a great price!

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