Welcome to Pressure Luck’s New Home On The Web!

Welcome To pressureluckcooking.net!

Can you believe it?! (Because I can’t!)  Due to an overwhelming demand from so many wonderful, supportive folks requesting a better recipe and organization system (Facebook can only do so much when it comes down to that), I realized I had no other choice but for Pressure Luck to take a big leap, go through puberty (my baby’s not even 4 months old) and start a website!  Now ALL of my recipes are beautifully organized, searchable by category AND easily printable for your convenience.  And it’s a good thing too because the recipes are only going to continue to grow.

Moving forward, pressureluckcooking.net will be the only site that will host Pressure Luck’s curated recipes.  They will be longer be available in the “Notes” section of the Pressure Luck Facebook page nor in the video descriptions on my YouTube videos.  This means my Facebook and YouTube videos will now link directly to the recipe at this website making things much easier for EVERYONE all around.  And not to worry!  Facebook isn’t going ANYWHERE!  On the contrary, it will remain more alive and well than ever and the only of my channels that will feature real-time updates, humorous cooking memes and photos, Facebook live videos and more!

So WELCOME TO pressureluckcooking.net and enjoy!  Subscribe to my newsletter as well for any updates (I still can’t believe I’m saying this but so excited!)

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  1. Lani

    Hi Jeff. Only just found your videos and I’m very impressed.
    A few questions – 1. Is there anywhere you explain the differences in the recipes – ingredients, cook time etc if cooking with a 3 Litre.
    2. Best way to convert a recipe made with a 6 Litre. I know the amount of liquid has to be 1 cup regardless, but if you’re adding other liquids how much is too much.
    3. Just about every video you see using meat seems to always be cooked to pull apart and stringy. I hate stringy. If I use meat I like it to still have substance, just more tender than grilling for example.
    4. Is there any difference between your book recipes and website recipes? If so, what do you get in the books that’s not anywhere else?

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