Instant Pot French Onion Chicken

Instant Pot French Onion Chicken

by Aug 16, 2017

Instant Pot French Onion Chicken

by Aug 16, 2017

Like so many, I love french onion soup (click here to make mine). It’s easily in my top three favorite soups ever.
And like so many, I also love chicken. Especially since there are countless ways to dress and serve it up.

And I’ve already shown you how both these things are cooked to perfection in the Instant Pot. So I officiated a marriage between the two and let me tell you, I never cried tears of joy this much (maybe it was the onions?). It was also the CHEESIEST wedding I’ve ever been to (maybe it was the Swiss?).  Regardless, a match made in FOODIE HEAVEN!

So I think the time has come to combine the two into something beyond your wildest french onion soup loving dreams.

What if we took some delicious chicken cutlets, layered on top of some buttery-garlicky Texas Toast and COVERED them in a thick, rich french onion soup sauce topped off with a layer of gooey, melted Swiss cheese?

Well, no more “What ifs.”  This is happening RIGHT. NOW.

Here’s How I Made It:
We’ll begin with two Vidalia (sweet) onions…
..and slice them up into strands.
Then we’ll prepare a quick and easy flour mixture.
Let’s take some thinly sliced chicken breasts/cutlets…
…dredge them in the flour…
…and set aside.
Now we’ll add some EVOO to our Instant Pot and heat it up on “Sauté”…
…and then add our chicken, in batches, to quickly brown…
…on each side for about 1 minute.
When all the pieces have been lightly browned, set aside.  Most of the oil should have been absorbed by the chicken and you can keep what’s left of it in the pot, but you can also remove the excess by carefully pouring it out/discarding if you wish.
Now we’ll add some butter to the the pot and melt it.  Deglaze (scrape) the bottom of the pan to get some of the chicken/flour remnants up and mixed in with the butter.
And then add in our onions, toss with the butter and let cook down for 10 minutes, occasionally stirring.
After 10 minutes, the should become lightly browned and softened up a bit.
Next, we’ll take two cans of French Onion Soup (or you can make half of my onion soup recipe)…
…and add them to the onions in the pot (if using condensed, like Campbell’s, you’ll need to add 2 cans of water as well – the cans will specify).  Give it a stir.
And now add back our chicken to the soup and onions.
Don’t press down hard to shove everything under the soup, just lightly so that the chicken is submerged.  We want it to be a little loose in there.  Secure the lid and cook on high pressure.
While magic is happening in the pot, make a cornstarch slurry by adding equal parts cornstarch and water…
…and prepare our next ingredient:  TEXAS TOAST!
Take about 6 slices and cook according to instructions until nice and toasted…
…and layer them side-by-side in a casserole dish.
Once the chicken is done, quick release and remove the lid.
Carefully remove the chicken with some tongs (it will be tender so do it delicately)…
…and set aside on a plate for a few moments.
Now we’ll make that french onion soup into a french onion soup SAUCE!  Hit “sauté” on the pot and add in the cornstarch slurry…
…along with a packet of french onion soup mix.
Stir it all together very well…
…and let it boil for a minute or two and then turn off the pot and let it rest.  This is what will make the soup become a thicker sauce!
While the sauce is resting and thickening up, take the chicken and layer over the Texas Toast…
…so it looks all PURDY and stuff.
Now that the sauce has rested for a few and thickened a bit, we’re going to take a spoonful…
…and generously ladle it over our chicken and toast!
But it wouldn’t be a TRUE french onion soup chicken without some Swiss cheese!  Layer about 10 slices over our chicken…
…and then top with a little more sauce!  Now you can either let the heat of the chicken and sauce melt the cheese…
…OR you can pop it in the oven and broil it for 3-5 minutes…
…until the cheese is slightly bubbly and browned!
Take a spatula and slide it under that Texas Toast (makes for SUPER easy/mess-free serving and easy portion control) …
…transfer to a plate and serve!
I am telling you: LIFE. CHANGING.
  • 2 pounds of boneless/skinless chicken breasts, sliced about 1/4″ thick
  • 1/2 cup of all-purpose flour (with a few pinches of onion powder, garlic salt and black pepper mixed together), for dredging
  • 2 Vidalia or sweet onions, sliced into strands
  • 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil
  • 1.5 tbsp of salted butter
  • Two 18.5 oz cans of ready-to-eat French Onion Soup (I used Progresso.  OR you can use two 10.5 oz cans of Campbell’s condensed and just add water per the can’s instructions.  OR you can make half the recipe of my French Onion Soup and just use that!)
  • 4-6 slices of Texas Toast (any variety is fine, I used a garlic parmesan – you can find this in most frozen food sections. If not, garlic bread works just fine too!)
  • 1 packet of Onion Soup mix
  • 3 tablespoons of cornstarch + 3 tbsp of water
  • 10 slices of Swiss cheese (can get either in the deli section or they usually come in a packet of 10 slices in the dairy section)
  • Crispy fried onions, for topping (optional)

“But Jeff!  We are already using a few cans of french onion soup in there!  Why do I need to add in MORE onions?”  An excellent question!  And you don’t NEED to (and if you don’t, you can skip step 4) – but I certainly suggest it.  The reason we do this is because the onions in the canned soup are not very prevalent in body and texture and we want this to have even MORE onions.  It may seem like a lot of extra onions once you chop them, but believe me, even the additional two Vidalia onions will cook down and this will leave you with the PERFECT ratio of onions to the sauce.

Don’t care for the canned soup shortcut?  Make 1/2 of my French Onion Soup recipe instead for the sauce at Step 5.

Don’t feel like broiling the cheese at the end?  That’s fine!  The heat of the chicken and sauce will melt the cheese within a few minutes. But I DO suggest broiling it if you want that bubbly, super gooey cheesy touch!

Don’t care for Swiss cheese?  Use Mozzarella, Provolone or even Cheddar instead!

Rather not layer the Texas Toast under the chicken, sauce and cheese? (It WILL get a little soggy while retaining some of its crunch – BUT that’s exactly how it is in a great french onion soup).  Well, no problem!  Serve it on the side and use it to lap up the chicken and the sauce!


  1. Coat the chicken in the flour mixture and set aside
  2. Add the olive oil to the Instant Pot, hit “Sauté” and “Adjust” to the “High” or “More” setting. Wait for it to read “Hot.”
  3. Add the chicken in batches and lightly brown for about 1 minute on each side. Remove, set aside and repeat until all chicken is lightly browned. Chicken should be lightly browned like in the video for reference.  Most or all of the oil will also have been absorbed by the chicken while browning so if there’s a little left you can just keep it in the pot or carefully pour it out – your choice
  4. Add the butter to the pot and, once melted, add in the onions.  Cook for about 10 minutes until they soften and become a bit browned (but not burned).  While the onions are cooking, let them sit for a few minutes before stirring and deglaze (scrape) the bottom of the pan a couple times from any remnants that may have stuck
  5. Now you’ll add in the Canned Onion Soup (if using condensed soup, you’ll need to add 2 cans of water to go with it.  If you’re making my french onion soup instead, just halve that recipe and make it now).  Stir it up with the onions.
  6. Add the chicken back into the pot.  Secure the lid, hit “Keep Warm/Cancel” and then hit “Manual” or “Pressure Cook” High Pressure for 5 minutes.  Quick release when done
  7. While the chicken is cooking, make the Texas Toast (or garlic bread) according to package instructions.  When done, line the toast in a casserole dish
  8. When the lid comes off the pot, remove the chicken with some tongs and set aside on a plate (but leave sauce in the pot). Hit “Keep Warm/Cancel” and then hit “Sauté” again
  9. Add the cornstarch slurry to the mixture right away along with the Onion Soup Mix packet and stir/whisk in VERY well and bring to a bubble.  Allow for about 1 minute of bubbling while stirring constantly and then turn the pot off.  The sauce is going to thicken very nicely after a few moments of cooling down
  10. Layer the chicken over the Texas Toast, cover with sauce, layer each piece with the cheese, add a little more of the sauce and either let the cheese melt on its own from the heat of the chicken and sauce OR pop it into the oven for about 5 minutes on broil so it bubbles and browns.  Feel free to sprinkle on some crispy fried onions for topping to go even more onion crazy!
  11. Take a spatula and slide it under a piece of Texas Toast (this makes for SUPER easy/mess-free serving) and plate it up
  12. Enjoy!

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