Instant Pot Yogurt (Two Ways)


Okay. ALRIGHT. I caved. You’ve all been asking for me to make a yogurt video so I FINALLY did it.

But I figured if I’m gonna make a yogurt video, it’s gotta be done to show how you can do it TWO WAYS: Regular (unstrained & creamy) and Greek (strained & thick)! And no having to pre-boil any milk and buy a candy thermometer here – we’re doing this the best and easiest way.

And honestly guys, I’m not sure why I waited so long. It’s THE EASIEST THING EVER, absolutely amazing AND WAY CHEAPER than buying it in the store! This is literally one of the most amazing features your DUO or Ultra Instant Pots have!

Here’s How I Made It!: 

We are going to be making yogurt two ways: Regular (unstrained & creamy) and Greek (strained & thick). So that means using two Instant Pots (but you’ll only need one – just choose which version you’d like to make).

Now since we’re saving a step by not dealing with boiling milk and, instead, going the quick route, we need to make sure we are using an ULTRA-PASTEURIZED milk or milk product. This means you absolutely CANNOT use regular milk for this method because that requires boiling.I think Fairlife is the “moo-ey mostest” because not only is it loaded with more protein and calcium, but it’s ALSO lactose free AND makes for an incredible tasting yogurt! (Canadians can use Natrel Lactose Free milk).

Add the ultra-pasteurized milk to the Instant Pot (it MUST be the Instant Pot DUODUO Plus or Ultra model as the Lux model does not support yogurt making)…

…along with some yogurt from a freshly sealed container. Whichever you use, it MUST have milk in it as well as live & active cultures (read the label to make sure). This is majorly important because it’s basically like the seed that makes the ultra-pasteurized milk become the yogurt as it spreads throughout it while incubating.

If you wish to have your yogurt taste sweeter, add in up to a can of condensed milk. It seriously makes it taste like the delicious yogurt you’d get from the market (and the kind kids love). This is totally optional but I used one can for my Regular/unstrained yogurt as I don’t think Greek/strained yogurt benefits from being sweet. You can always sweeten your yogurt when you serve it too if you don’t wish to sweeten the batch!

Whisk everything together well…

…secure the lid in the sealing mode (or use a glass lid as it doesn’t matter since this is NOT going to be pressure cooked)…

…and come down to the control panel and hit the “Yogurt” button and Adjust so it’s on the “Normal” or “Med” setting for 8-10 hours. The longer the incubation time, the more tangy the yogurt. So since I’m making two batches simultaneously, I am going to set the Instant Pot incubating my Regular/unstrained yogurt for 8 hours…

…and the Instant Pot incubating my Greek/strained yogurt for 10 hours. So this will be a little more tangy than the other. Whichever you choose, it’s a good idea to do this before you go to bed so it happens overnight.

When done, the display will read “Yo9t” (which translates to “yogurt” in Instant Pot language).

Remove the lid and the liner pot (it will be warm instead of hot) and you’ll notice it’s a lot firmer from when it first began incubating! DO NOT STIR the yogurt, but securely place some tine foil directly on top of the liner pot…

 …and pop it into the fridge to set for 4-8+ hours (I went for 10). This is going to be our Regular/unstrained yogurt as no straining is occurring and it will make for a much smoother, creamier yogurt.

Now that our second, slightly more tangy batch is done, we are ready to make this Greek/strained style.

You’ll want to get a good yogurt strainer like this Euro Cuisine (the best) OR a strainer lined with coffee filters or fine sieve…

…resting upon a bowl to catch the whey drippings (all the more reason to get the Euro Cuisine as it comes with this AND a lid). The whey is the thinner liquid that’s mixed in with the yogurt to keep it creamy and thinner, which we are removing (straining) here to make it thicker (Greek).

Transfer the yogurt to the strainer…

…cover securely with a lid and let drain chill for AT LEAST 4-8+ hours. The longer it strains and chills, the thicker the yogurt. So patience is a virtue here for the best results.

When the time comes to serve, you’ll notice the whey will have strained into the bottom of the bowl. That’s good!

You can either discard it OR some like to save it to use as a key ingredient to make bread.

 Now take a spoon and, careful not to damage the fine strainer sieves, remove the Greek/strained yogurt…

…and transfer it in a bowl where you can secure a lid and place it in the fridge for when not serving.

Now take the Regular/strained yogurt from the fridge…

…remove the foil…

…and place a spoon in it (gee, I’ve never seen a photo that looks like THIS one before). It should stand upright on its own right in the yogurt!

Now you can stir it up and see how creamy it is as well as also transfer to a bowl with a secure lid for when not serving.

And there we have it! Our Regular/unstrained yogurt on the left which is very creamy and smooth AND our Greek/strained yogurt on the right which is dense and thick!

Whichever version you make, the yogurt will keep well in the fridge for up to two weeks so long as it’s securely covered with a lid over the bowl! OR you can place them in regular or individual mason jars! However you wish to do it, the key is to make sure there’s a secure lid to keep the yogurt cultures fresh & active at all times.


Instant Pot Yogurt (Two Ways)
Yield: 6

Instant Pot Yogurt (Two Ways)

Instant Pot Yogurt (Two Ways)

Did you know that most models of the Instant Pot can make yogurt? With just two basic ingredients, you'll need to pick yourself off the floor because you're gonna be knocked out by how easy this is to make.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • 52 oz bottle of any whole or 2% Fairlife milk (or any ULTRA-PASTEURIZED milk ONLY – YOU CANNOT use regular milk when doing this method. But that’s fine because Fairlife is super high in protein and calcium!). Canadians – use Natrel Lactose Free milk (OR any Ultra-Pasteurized milk) since Fairlife isn’t regularly available there!
  • 2 tbsp of any PLAIN yogurt that has milk and live/active cultures in it (I used Chobani greek yogurt)
  • 14 oz can of sweetened condensed milk, for sweetening (optional and you can use as much of the can as you want – but I’d only use this if you were going the Regular/unstrained way, NOT the Greek/strained way due to the consistency and sweetness combo). You can also use any sweetener of your choice really and just add it to the individual yogurt servings when done, but the condensed milk will make the entire batch taste exactly like the trusted stuff you get in stores
  • An Instant Pot DUO, DUO Plus or Ultra model (the Lux model does not support yogurt making)


Step 1: The Incubating

  1. Place the Fairlife and yogurt (and condensed milk if using – which I suggest only for Regular/unstrained yogurt) in the Instant Pot and whisk together
  2. Secure the lid, hit the “Yogurt” button and Adjust so it’s on the “Normal” or “Med” setting (it MUST be on this setting or it won’t become proper yogurt). The time should display 8 hours. If you want it more tangy in flavor, adjust the time up to 10 hours. (Note: the yogurt incubates and therefore will NOT come to pressure. That’s how this works!)
  3. Once done, the display will read “Yogt”. Remove the lid (remember, there won’t be any quick or natural releasing as it wasn’t pressure cooked)

Step 2, Option 1: Regular (Unstrained) Yogurt

If you want your yogurt to have that thick, smoother, creamy texture, there is no need to strain it.

  1. Remove the liner pot from the Instant Pot (it won’t be hot when you remove it), DO NOT MIX, cover the pot with tin foil and set in the fridge to chill from 4-8 hours (the longer, the better)
  2. When ready to serve, you can place in individual containers/jars or leave it in one big bowl provided they all have nice, protective covers as yogurt must always remain covered to retain its state
  3. Serve with fresh fruit, honey, granola or however you like it! (The yogurt will last up to 2 weeks in the fridge so long as it’s securely covered)
  4. Enjoy!

Step 2, Option 2: Greek (Strained) Yogurt

If you want your yogurt to have that SUPER thick consistency almost like a cream cheese, we’re going to strain it and do it Greek-style.

  1. Take a Euro Cuisine (the best) yogurt strainer (or a colander lined with coffee filters), and once the liner pot is removed from the Instant Pot, pour it into the strainer and allow the whey (liquid) to separate from the yogurt. This is what’s going to make it super thick (and will also make a magnificent base for dips like a Tzatziki)
  2. Allow it to strain in the fridge for 4-8 hours (the longer, the better) with the top covered
  3. When ready to serve, you can either save the whey (the drippings) for whatever you’d like (some love to make bread with it) OR you can discard it! Serve with fresh fruit, honey, granola or however you like it! You can also use the Greek yogurt to make my awesome Tzatziki dip! (The yogurt will last up to 2 weeks in the fridge so long as it’s securely covered)
  4. Enjoy!

Jeffrey's Tips

If you wish to make Greek yogurt, I STRONGLY suggest you buy the Euro Cuisine strainer. It’s simply the easiest and best for this.

If you wish to have your yogurt taste sweeter, add in up to a 14 oz can of condensed milk. It seriously makes it taste like the delicious yogurt you’d get from the market (and the kind kids love). I used one can for my Regular/unstrained yogurt as I don’t think Greek/strained yogurt benefits from being sweet. You can always sweeten your yogurt when you serve it too if you don’t wish to sweeten the entire batch!

The longer you incubate, the tangier/more tart the yogurt. So, when you hit the “Yogurt” button and Adjust so it’s on the “Normal” or “Med” setting, go with 8 hours if you want it more neutral and up to 10 hours if you want it more tangy.

Want to make it into FROZEN YOGURT? Great! Take about 2 cups of EITHER version of the yogurt, add in 1/2-3/4 cup of sugar, 1/2 tbsp of lemon juice, 1 tsp of vanilla extract and any other mix-ins, blend it well with a whisk (and either an immersion blender or in a food processor of adding in fruit) and then transfer the mixture to an ice cream maker and let churn for 20 or so minutes! Serve right away if you want it soft or place in a container and let set in the freezer for 3 hours if you want it firmer!

Making yogurt is like planting seeds. Once you finish a batch, you can use 2 tbsp as the starter for the next batch instead of opening up a new container of already made yogurt! Just make sure you do this within 1 week of making the yogurt so it’s fresh and active for the next batch!

Use a batch of the Greek yogurt to make my AMAZING Tzatziki dip here!

Any other questions? Check out Frieda’s advice here which is SUPER resourceful!

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  1. Joe

    Made this last night and is in the fridge straining. I made the Greek yogurt. I had to use the fairlife 2% milk, whole was sold out at the store. After 10 hours I couldn’t believe how thick it was! It’s gonna be like cheese when I strain it for another 10 hours! So looking FWD to this. Thank you for this.

  2. Bonnie Craft

    Hi, Can you help me? I do not have a yogurt option on my IP and want to make yogurt. I live in Canada and do not have the milk you mention. The way I am doing it now is to heat whole milk using the saute to 181 degrees then add the starter and a can of condensed milk. Put back in IP and use dehydrate for 8 to 9 hours. Cool down with ice bath. Cover and in the fridge overnight. Strain for about 5 hours. It is delicious but is there an easier way??
    I just got your cookbook and loving it.
    Bonnie Craft

  3. DenisePotter

    Unbelievable that I waited this long to try this. So simple and delicious. I grew up watching my mother make it “old school “. She would flip if she could see this. Highly recommend you try it. Sorry Kirkland…we just broke up
    Thanks Jeffery!

  4. Barbara Firestone

    Several times we have made the Greek yogurt version (using sous vide at 110 degrees since the pot is a Duo Crisp, no condensed milk added). Last week we took the whey and made ricotta cheese (190 degrees on sous vide for 1/2 hour, drain curds in the yogurt strainer.) It was the best ricotta we have ever had and made both great lemon-ricotta cookies and lasagna. A win-win. Thanks for this recipes.

  5. Jeanine Williams

    I have been using this recipe for a few years now and I absolutely love this recipe for yogurt. Not a fan of greek yogurt so I do not strain mine. It is very creamy, I do add a little vanilla, oh so good. Any idea how one could find out the calories in this yogurt per serving?

  6. Joanne

    Hi I have a question… do you have a bread recipe that you use the drippings with that you could share please?

  7. Meredith

    I made yogurt for the first time yesterday and it is delicious! But, I noticed a lot of thick stuff at the bottom of the pot when I poured it into the strainer. I know it says not to stir the yogurt for the unstrained version. Should I have scraped the bottom stuff into the strainer, too? I feel like I lost a lot of good yogurt in the bottom of the pot! Also, the resulting yogurt is still pretty thin. Thanks!

  8. Laura

    Curious…Fairlife is ultra-filtered and ultra-pasteurized. I thought the no boil requires ultra-filtered and that if the milk was only ultra-pasteurized it still needed to be boiled. Can you clarify for me? Thank you!!! (I’ve been a fan since your early days-happy you are doing well!!)

  9. Sharon

    After being married over 58 years to the same man, I find myself in love ❤️ all over again with Jeff. He makes everything understandable. Thanks so much again. XOXO

  10. Kacy

    If I do two containers of 52oz fairlife, do I have to double the Greek yogurt to 4 tablespoons? Or will the 2 tablespoons be enough? Thank you!! (I’ve been following you since the first time you posted your grandma’s homemade chicken noodle soup. Absolutely love everything I have made from your recipes! Thank you for sharing your talent!!!)

  11. Randy Smith

    what happens if you don’t let the unstrained yogurt sit for Ford 8 hours in the fridge before stirring? I would like to put it in smaller containers before I put it in the refrigerator. Will it work?

    also, I assume it would work if I made only a half batch, and put it in small jars before putting it in my IP. have you tried this?

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