Instant Pot Sausage & Shells

Nothing makes (cooks) pasta as efficient as an Instant Pot. You never have to boil it separately and then strain it and EVERYTHING is done IN. ONE. POT.

So it’s only fitting I’m obsessed with dreaming up pasta dishes that aren’t only a breeze to make, but GOURMET in flavor. My Sausage & Shells is no exception to the level of excellence I strive for and is hands-down one of my favorite things I’ve ever created not only in my Instant Pot, but in my lifetime.

And so, my sausage and pasta loving friends, you are in for one of the best culinary experiences of your lives. Anyone you serve this to will fall in love with you.

I kid you not, this dish could be served at a 5-star restaurant while Jeeves is pouring you $300 water from the mythic glaciers of Iceland blessed by Björk. Except you can wear schlubby clothing while you eat it right in your own kitchen!

Here’s How I Made It!: 

Because about 75% of my recipes start with the onion family, take some shallots…

…and dice ’em up.

Take a can of artichoke hearts…

…and drain them and rip ’em up coarsely by hand.

Now this would be a mighty sad sausage party without sausage. So let’s make sure we take some sweet Italian sausage…

…or hot Italian sausage…

…or, WHY NOT?! BOTH! (By the way, you can totally use any sausage you wish, but I feel that Italian works best for this dish)…

…and slice it up (in its raw state) into bite-size pieces. (It’s okay if some of the casing falls off while slicing).

Now let’s go to the Instant Pot and add in some butter and give it some heat.

Once the butter’s melted and sizzlin’, add in the shallots…

…stir it into the butter and allow it to cook for a few minutes.

Then, add in the sausage…

…along with some garlic…

…and stir everything together for a few minutes (but don’t fully cook the sausage – that’ll happen when it’s pressure cooking).

It’s time to add in some liquid. Pour in a dry white wine…

…as well as some garlic broth (or chicken broth if you don’t have garlic base).

Now add in some cherry or grape tomatoes…

…Italian seasoning…

…dried parsley…

…and our pasta: medium shells! This is absolutely my pasta of choice for this dish and I suggest using it (but make sure you use MEDIUM shells and not the large ones).

DO NOT STIR the pasta (it may have issues coming to pressure if you do), but rather smooth it out with a mixing spoon so it’s mostly submerged in the liquid. It’s okay if some is still “ice berg-ing” above it.

Top it off with some baby spinach and it will likely go right to the brim. And, like the pasta, DO NOT STIR. Secure the lid and cook at high pressure.

When done, the spinach will have significantly cooked down into nothing.

NOW you can give everything a good stir. Most of the liquid will have been absorbed by the pasta but there will still be some left which is what we want.

And now a few final (magical) touches to make this sausage party orgasmic. Add in some half & half…

…grated parmesan (make sure it’s grated as it melts/blends far more easily than shredded)…

…and, my secret ingredient to the most deluxe, creamy and rich pasta – some Boursin!

For a lovely final touch, add in some artichoke hearts…

…and give everything a REALLY good stir for a few minutes until all of the Boursin has completely melded and blended into the sauce! Allow it to set for a moment and it will really thicken.

Transfer to a serving dish…
…and prepare yourself for one of the finest, most gourmet pastas you’ve EVAH HAD.

This was a real nice sausage party!


Instant Pot Sausage & Shells
Yield: 6

Instant Pot Sausage & Shells

Instant Pot Sausage & Shells

This pasta dish is my claim to fame. It's so popular and lauded that I was invited to make it on Good Morning America where George Stephanopoulos ate it with his hands right out of the pot.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 18 minutes
Total Time 23 minutes


  • 4 tbsp (1/2 stick) of salted butter
  • 2 large shallots, diced
  • 1 lb of Italian Sausage (sweet, hot or mixed), sliced into 1/2″ pieces while raw (use 2 lbs if you want it to be SUPER sausagey)
  • 1 tbsp of crushed garlic
  • 3 cups of garlic broth (I used 1 tbsp of Garlic Better Than Bouillon + 3 cups of water but you can just use 3 cups of chicken broth instead if you don’t have this and it will still be great)
  • 1 cup of white wine (any dry one, such as a Chardonnay, will do and you can use white cooking wine too if it’s all you have. If you don’t wish to use wine, add another cup of broth)
  • 1 tsp of Italian seasoning
  • 1/2 tsp of dried parsley
  • 10 oz (approx) of Cherry or Grape Tomatoes (you can double these if you wish)
  • 1 lb (1 box) of medium shells (I strongly suggest using this exact kind of pasta)
  • 5 oz of baby spinach
  • 1/3 cup of half & half or heavy cream
  • 5.2 oz package of Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs Cheese (or Boursin Shallot & Chive Cheese), cut into small crumbles (SECRET INGREDIENT! This is usually always found in the deli/cheese/cured meat section of any market and Costco sells it in packs of 3. If you cannot find it, 5 oz from a brick of cream cheese will do)
  • 1 – 1 1/2 cup of grated Parmesan cheese, plus more for topping if desired (make sure it’s grated and NOT shredded as it melts/blends into the sauce properly. Also, the more cheese, the thicker the sauce!)
  • 14 oz can of artichoke hearts, drained and roughly ripped up by hand


  1. Add butter to the Instant Pot (I used a 6qt), hit “Sauté” and “Adjust” so it’s on the “More” or “High” setting. Once the butter’s melted and sizzling, add in the shallots and cook for 2-3 minutes. Then, add the sausage and garlic and stir for another 2 minutes (the sausage should not be fully cooked by this point)
  2. Next, add in the wine, broth, Italian seasoning, dried parsley and the tomatoes. Stir well
  3. Lastly, add in the pasta shells BUT DO NOT STIR. Just allow them to be as submerged under the liquid as possible by smoothing out with a mixing spoon (it is okay if some of the shells are sticking out above the liquid). Top off with the spinach and, again, DO NOT STIR. (Note: It’s going to feel like there’s a LOT of spinach in there and it will come up to the brim of the pot, but don’t worry – it cooks down into nothing!)
  4. Secure the lid and hit “Keep Warm/Cancel” and then hit “Manual” or “Pressure Cook” High Pressure for 6 minutes (5 minutes if you want the shells more “al dente”). Quick release when done.
  5. Stir in cream, Parmesan, Boursin and artichokes for about 2 minutes until the Boursin is completely melded into the sauce. Let it rest for another 5 minutes and it will have thickened perfectly. Transfer to a serving dish
  6. Enjoy!

Jeffrey's Tips

Although I think 1 lb of sausage is totally sufficient, if you want this to be REALLY full of it, increase it to 2 lbs instead of 1.

Speaking of sausage, I definitely think Italian sausage (sweet, hot or both) works best for this recipe, BUT since there are SO many different kinds of sausage options available to bring to this sausage party, feel free to use any sausage of your choice!

Store any leftovers in some Tupperware and refrigerate for up to 5 days. The microwave will work fine for reheating when the time comes (about 30-60 seconds).

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  1. Gretchin Clifton

    Making this tonight, I can’t wait! My question is that I recently got a new instant pot, not realizing how large the 10 qt is. Can all your recipes be made in the 10 qt?

  2. Denise Slaughter

    I’ve been instructed by my two 14-year-olds that this dish HAS TO BE MADE every week. It’s now a weekly staple dish in our house.

  3. Debbie Buchholz

    This is one of my favorite recipes! Everyone that has tried it is in love with the flavors. Leftovers are delicious too!

    • Teri Haye

      I am happy to report that Barilla High Protein Farfalle work fine in this recipe. No change in time. Our grocery store was wiped of any kind of shell pasta (I guess no one likes rigatoni and penne?). I just wanted to make this so bad, so I subbed In the regular size farfalle. Tastes great!

  4. Anita

    This recipe made us fall in love with you when you were just venturing out. Since we’ve made made many many of your recipes & they’ve all been delicious. I bought the cookbook both for us & our son. He also loves your recipes. Thank you!

  5. Sonja Cowsert

    Made this for the first time tonight. So good! Well worth the 3 days it took me to gather the ingredients because I forget stuff. I also may have consumed the rest of the wine not need for the recipe.

      • Karen C

        Omg this was so good. Even the two members of my family who don’t eat artichokes loved it!!
        Thank you Jeffrey!

      • Janet Lavelle

        Hi, Jeffrey,
        Would tou have the nutrition info handy? Doing Noom and will calibrate my servings accordingly!

        • Jeffrey

          I always find it best for one to use a nutrition calculator plugging in the exact brand of ingredients you’re using for the most accurate info.

      • Alison Knipfer

        I have a question about the type of sausage used. There’s the crumbly kind you get at the store that you can cook and it looks like ground beef when you’re done. Then there’s sausage links, not breakfast sausage, big sausage that look like they would be the same as the ground beef type of sausage I’d it came out is it’s “casing?” I guess you’d call it. Then there’s the kind of sausage that you can slice and put on a cracker with cheese. Which type does this recipe take? I really want to make this, but I want to get it right. Thank you so much for any clarification you can offer.

  6. Wendy

    Since we aren’t doing our usual big Christmas meal this year, my family suggested we have your wonderful sausage and shells! It’s their favorite plus it’s red and green!

  7. Krista

    Jeffrey I love you!!! My Marine son just came home for the first time since basic training. It’s been 6 months. This made the list for must have dinner!!. I’ve tried several of your recipes and I’ve never been disappointed. They are all in my row tow folder!! Thank you so much!!!

  8. Jessica J

    Made this tonight with two pounds of sausage – one hot, one sweet and it’s very delicious! Not much we’d change except smaller cuts of sausage. Thanks, Jeffrey!

  9. Richard Klein

    Hey, this meal looks great and I’m anxious to try it but I’d like to know if uneaten portions can be frozen. I live alone in the desert (in exile from NYC) and like to make meals I can reheat at a later time.

    • Kelly

      Although I just made this for the first time today, I would think it is okay to freeze. I have frozen similar ingredients and they seem to reheat well!

  10. Logan

    You made this in a 6-quart IP, but we have an 8-quart. Do we need to increase the liquid any, or is what is in the recipe enough even in an 8-quart?

    • Liz

      I made this for a potluck two years ago and now I think it is the only reason people invite me anywhere is so I will bring this. No one believes me when I say how easy it is to make. I’m making it again today for a birthday party.

      It is such a forgiving recipe. My daughter once ate all the cherry tomatoes and a can of diced tomatoes worked fine. My husband once bought smoked sausage instead of raw Italian, and that was also super tasty. I’ve used red onion instead of shallot, kale instead of spinach, and pretty much any flavor Boursin and Better Than Bullion on the market. I’ve also added diced bell pepper, diced celery, or pretty much anything else I’m looking to clean out of the fridge at the sauté stage. It is so versatile and easy.

      Once thing — I always double the spinach, because it cooks down to nothing and it such a great way to get more veggies in.

      Thanks for such a great recipe.

  11. Julie

    I’m so very curious if this could be made in a croc pot instead of an insta pot?? I saw you on the Rachel morning show and need this meal in my life!! But I don’t own an insta pot & don’t have intentions of buying one.

  12. Christina R.

    This was pure comfort food joy!!! This turned out so good!! I didn’t use all the pasta, prob 2/3 pound and omitted the artichokes and parmesan, just added parmesan to individual plates. The sauce wasn’t as thick but with crusty bread it was perfect!!
    Thanks so much!!

  13. Bonnie J Schuljak

    Made this last night for dinner after watching you on Rachael Ray. Yummy!! Big hit with the family. Thank you for another enjoyable meal. Can’t wait for your next book.

  14. Sheila

    I want to make this with half the pasta but use 1 lb sausage. Would I cut everything else in half? How long should I pressure cook it?

    • Tracy White

      Sheila, that’s exactly what I did and it came out great! Half the pasta, 1 lb sausage, half of everything else (except some extra Boursin!) and the pressure cook time stays the same. I made it in my 3 qt. Instant Pot.

  15. Kathryn

    This was positively delicious! My husband said it was top restaurant quality, and a “keeper”. I even had some of the leftovers for breakfast. Thank you so much!

  16. Krys

    Listen, I know this is called SAUSAGE and Shells, and it. is. delicious. exactly as written! BUT I have a vegetarian daughter and I was wondering if I left out the sausage would I need to change any other ingredients? I think she would love the flavors of this dish (spinach, tomatoes, artichoke, cheese – what’s not to love??) but alas, she doesn’t eat meat. Suggestions anyone??

    • Melissa

      I am a pescetarian who lives with a meat-eater. I told her I’d like to make this, but I hate cooking for just one person. She suggested using vegetarian sausage, and I think that’s what I’ll do. Perhaps that will work for you and your daughter, too.

    • Amy

      I make this with beyond meat sausages. They are veggie sausages. My husband is vegetarian so I like to adapt things that he can eat.

      • Gus Orr

        2 questions
        first is it OK to make ahead and keep warm for few hours with crock lid? I prefer to cook before company arrives.
        next any tips in using pasta made from chickpeas for less carbs, longer cook time?

    • Brenda

      I’m Keto and I just tried using Palmini noodles (made with heart of palm) and it came out great. I was worried they would disintegrate but they didn’t. I did cut back on the broth a bit since they wouldn’t be absorbing the liquid. Great

  17. Gary Coon

    We just made it. It’s wonderfully rich! The sausage turns into little meatballs. My wife doesn’t like wine so we added that amount of broth. We’ll be making this again.

  18. Melissa

    Just wandered over here to let you know that this is the first dish I’ve made from your cookbook. I ordered it this week solely because someone posted a picture of this dish and raved about it. I’m hooked! This was so stinking delicious that I was eating it out of the pot when no one was looking (don’t tell). I’ll be purchasing your lighter cookbook soon. And I plan to gift a copy of your first cookbook to my parents who are a little scared to try new things in their IP. Such a wonderful resource! I’ve been an IP user for 3 years and rarely does a day pass that my IP isn’t in use.

  19. Maureen Woods

    I have an instant pot, how does one quick release do not see that in my instruction booklet, I have used a wooden spoon and stood back, (with fear) and released it myself, but is there a proper way to instant release that I am missing?

  20. Nancy

    Made this tonight for the first time (with kale instead of spinach),
    and Hubby declared it “restaurant-quality” and gave it 5 stars! I agree! Yummy! I was concerned it would be too rich, but it’s just right. It took me about 50 minutes from start to finish, but I am sure it will be a little quicker next time, now that I know what I’m doing 🙂 Delicious!

  21. Tara

    Made this for the first time tonight. The only thing I did differently is I took the sausage out of the casing and cooked it that way. OMG, I’m so mad at you! I cannot stop eating this! I’m so stuffed! It is absolutely delicious! Thanks for another GREAT recipe.

    • Tina

      Yes I did the same thing, the store I went to only had sweet in links and ground in regular Italian. I just used half of one and half of the other and did as crumbled.

  22. Jeanie

    AMAZING dish!! Thank you for sharing. My daughter who is a better cook than I had to have what was left to take home. This is a delicious 10* meal.

  23. Lulu

    Help…I’ve got five hungry men about to commit mutiny. I’m looking forward to making another one of your tried and true recipes. I have purchased everything for this recipe except the artichokes. Should they be in oil, marinade, or water? I have jarred in oil, but the recipe doesn’t state what they should be in and I don’t want to ruin this dish. Thanks!

    • Lisa Weber

      did you figure it out? I used a can of artichokes in water but wondered the same thing. also added panfried mushrooms that needed using for an extra punch.

    • Lisa Weber

      I’ve made made this twice. second time I cooked for 4 minutes as it took 2 to 3 minutes for the quick release to release the pressure. the pasta was perfect.

  24. Morgan

    This was AMAZING! I made this last night for my whole family and every single last one said it was delicious, including my super picky, no vegetables husband! My 5 year old asked if we could have it all year long and my almost 2 year old said “mmmm”! Next time I will probably double the sausage, but other than that, it was perfect! It was so nice trying something new for dinner!

  25. Susie

    Oh my goodness gracious!! Found this recipe in your cookbook and it is DELICIOUS!! I used hot Italian Sausage and the garlic herb Boursin. I am so full right now I want to die, but I keep sneaking more bites anyway. THANK YOU

  26. James

    Made this recipe this afternoon – very tasty! I used the PLC recipe for faux-Boursin and it came out well. The sauce is super creamy and has just the right mix of flavors to keep the taste buds happy. I like using a dry vermouth for deglazing, although it was really needed here. I did rinse the artichoke hearts really well to clear as much of the brine as I could.

  27. Arlene

    This was a wonderful dish to clear out my fridge. The only changes I made was I used whipped chive cream cheese, lentil cavatappi, added sautéed fresh mushrooms and red pepper flakes. I also used both parmesan and locatelli. Ground hot sausage and sweet links.

  28. Andrea

    Can this be made with a can of diced tomatoes instead of cherry/grape tomatoes? For some reason, we don’t like fresh tomatoes cooked. Would I drain them first?

    • Jeffrey

      Even drained, the canned tomatoes will make it a bit watery. As a man who hates raw tomatoes, trust me. They are perfect once cooked into the pasta.

  29. Linda Hamilton

    I made sausage & shells tonight. I only had to change out green onions for shallots because my store didn’t have them. It was still yummy. Jeffrey you have turned me on to Boursin spread. I have never used it but I will be using it often now. My husband & I give it a thumbs up. I have your orange book & will be getting the others. Job well done !!!

  30. Cheri Olson

    I somehow ran out of the ingredients for this. My 20-year-old just went and got what I needed because she really wanted this for supper. 🙂 🙂

  31. Alisha

    This is a crowd favorite. My picky teenagers love it, my coworkers love it. I am asked to bring this to each year’s Italianfest. Thank you. Many time we don’t have wine so I just use extra chicken broth and it still very good. Sometimes we omit artichokes if I don’t have them. Very amazing versatile recipe. My one son doesn’t like anything creamy or chessey (gasp!). Just I just plate his up before adding the cream. Boursin and Parmesan cheese.

  32. Kim

    Can’t wait to try this! The video says you used half a cup of Parmesan, but written recipe says 1 to 1.5 cups. I guess I’ll “err” on the side of too much cheese 😂

  33. Cynthia Hennessy

    OMG, delicious! Made for our new years eve dinner, a total hit. Followed your recipe and I would not change a thing. Will definitely be a regular on the menu. A great dish for special occasions, too! Love it!

  34. Cameron Morgan

    So very delicious! Omitted artichokes. Will make again. May try veggie broth instead of garlic broth (it’s yummy, even leftover, but quite garlicky!).

  35. cathy

    I finally made this and was so surprised how easy it was, I subbed can diced tomatoes drained and the liquid saved as part of my liquid ingredients, which was all chicken broth and the juice from the artichokes as well, used 5 Oz of frozen spinach also, was fantastic, will become one of my go to when busy and need a tasty meal.

    • TMG

      ground, chicken, ground turkey, ground beef. I would add a little salt and oregano since the Italian sausage you are subbing out has flavor that you will be missing otherwise.

  36. Sherry L Ottoson

    Made this tonight…absolutely one of the best recipes yet!!! I’m still going in the fridge and picking on it!!!

  37. Trish Coulter Farano

    I’ve saved this recipe for quite awhile, as I live alone and it makes a lot. The recipe says six servings – I think more like twelve. I made it for a birthday dinner for three of us and it was well-received. I sent leftovers home with my guests, took a container to my daughter, and had a serving the next day for dinner.
    I did make a few changes – sauteed the shallot 2 tablespoons olive oil vs. 4 tablespoons butter and I used no salt added chicken broth to keep the sodium down a bit, as the sausage is high in sodium and so is Parmesan. I added the full 1.5 cups Parmesan the printed recipe calls for, but next time think I will use a little less in the recipe and then pass Parm at the table.
    I added ground black pepper and no one at the table added salt, although it was available.
    Please note, this is not a knock on the original recipe – only that I watch sodium so if I had made it as written, I think for me it would have been too salty to enjoy.
    The flavor of this recipe is delicious, the directions are clear and well written, and I will make it again.

  38. Dawn Dials-Hill

    Hi Jeffrey. I do not yet have an Instant Pot but want to try this recipe on the stovetop. Would you recommend liquid in the same proportions and then just follow the recipe, except for cooking longer, adding the cream, Boursin, and Parmesan at the end?

  39. Rosanna

    This was so delicious!! I couldn’t find shells, so I used penne and cooked it for 7 minutes – turned out great. I’ve been following you for years, you’re just so enjoyable. BUT – I have never actually tried one of your recipes!! So, with this one popping up recently on the Facebook instant pot group, I decided to try it. And, I just happened to have Boursin and Italian sausage from a recent Costco trip, so it was meant to be lol. Anyways, so yummy!! I’ll definitely be trying others.

  40. Rhonda

    We made this tonight after watching your live demonstration yesterday. It was so fabulous! We used three links each sweet and hot sausage. It was perfect!

  41. CiCi

    I made this a couple of times with gluten free pasta and it’s great! Didn’t have sausage tonight so I used cooked ground chicken instead, added a little red pepper flakes and oh so good! Otherwise I followed your recipe. Yummmm!

  42. Wendy Bastian

    Seeing so many recommendations I had to try this and though put the tomatoes in at the wrong time and combined the hot and sweet sausage this will be added to my “special recipe book”.

  43. Mark

    I would like to add mushrooms to this dish, I think. Would there be any reason why this would be a bad idea? I may make it for supper tomorrow night.

  44. Christina

    A fam favourite for sure. I found that I was out of shells so used penne instead. Worked out just right as always.

  45. Mindy

    Great recipe! I made half a recipe for the two of us and there are plenty for leftovers tomorrow. I chose to use the 5 minute cook time instead of 6 and my pasta was perfect. I made the recipe with the ingredients as written (halving everything) except I added my spinach at the end of the cook time with the Parm, Boursin and cream. There was plenty of heat to wilt it just right during the last five minutes of rest. I liked that the sauce was not heavy and next time I will add a bit more Boursin!

  46. Bonnie

    There are several instant pot recipes for this on line, but so glad I chose this one. Not only easy but I got rave reviews for it. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. Results were amazing and I followed exactly as listed. This is now a frequent recipe in this house. Thanks so much for posting

  47. Jay Hacking

    Very tasty. I used Barilla medium shells and 6 minutes but the pasta was over cooked. Wish I had only done 5 minutes.

  48. Val

    I really want to make this but I’m allergic to tomatoes. Any thoughts on omitting the tomatoes or a substitution?

  49. Julie Babb

    I’m licking my plate and my husband is having seconds as I type. This recipe is delish. I did 1 1/2 times the recipe so I can share with my edlerly parents and there is a lot of food. It will be wonderful heated up. Everytime I make one of Jeffrey’s recipes I think it’s my favorite. Add this to my favorite list!! Quite impressive…

  50. Sarah

    This is re-DONK-u-lous! SO GOOD! I left out the artichoke hearts because my family doesn’t like them, but that’s the only change I made. This is one of many of your recipes that is on our all-time favorites list. You ROCK!

  51. Sallie Odom

    Help me please! I don’t have an Instapot. Suggestions for cooking on the stovetop. I have had this and it is DELICOUS!!!

  52. G'Ma in RP

    This is delicious! We are a vegan family so I just subbed vegan cream cheese, parmesan, beyond sausage , Silk coconut cream &Earth balance butter. Everyone loved it and even the grandkids had seconds!

  53. Ann

    I made this tonight for my husbands 72nd birthday dinner. Yum! He loved it and so did I. Since it’s just the two of us, there will be enough for another meal – or to freeze. I will definitely make this for the kids and grandkids at our next family get together. They are sure to love it! Thanks for a great recipe!

  54. Evie

    Am I mistaken or did you not wash the spinach before adding to the pot? Also, chiefs never recommend cooking wine to cook with. Wines for cooking should always be something that one would drink.

  55. Joe

    If I use 2 lb of sausage can I double the pasta? If so, should I also double all of the other ingredients including liquid?

  56. Eva

    I’m Italian and the thought of cooking pasta in an Instant Pot sent chills down my spine. Despite my fears, I made this recipe tonight and it was seriously delicious! I thought the shells would turn to mush, but miraculously, they were cooked perfectly (I cooked it for 5 minutes with a quick release.) My boyfriend was surprised and impressed – and that’s saying something! Good job, Jeffrey!

  57. Shanda Woolf

    This was terrific, the first thing my husband said was “Are you packing this for my lunch tomorrow?” I made it as directed but I think next time I will double up on all the veggies and the sausage as those are my favorite parts! 🙂 Thank you so much Jeffrey, I love trying your recipes and have yet to be less than wowed. Keep up the great work!

  58. Sandra

    Wow…my husband and I just made for the first time your famous sausage and shells instapot recipe. We followed the directions precisely and are in love with this delicious meal. This will be a staple from now on. We travel 6 months of the year in our motorhome and never leave without our instapot. We also have, on-line, all of your cookbooks and love everything we have tried so far. Thanks Jeffrey for all your hard work to make these receipes just perfect.🥰😋

  59. Sacomurphys

    Loved the flavor of this dish!
    Followed recipe exactly and found it was over the top salty. And no I did not add salt.
    Try again with any low sodium ingredients that are available.

  60. Christi

    WOW!! Husband and I both agreed it tasted like something we’d order at a restaurant!
    I ended up crumbling the sausage,because the casings were too hard to cut through. I also forgot to buy the Boisin cheese and didn’t have cream cheese. So I shredded and added some sharp cheddar.

  61. Ken Wiencko

    I’ve made this dish five times and it’s been phenomenal each time. I eat a bowlful and fill up six containers of leftovers. Think of the fish and loaves in The Bible.

  62. Ken

    I’ve made this dish several times already. There was one time that I accidentally left out the tomatoes and it still tasted great; sort of reminds me of an Alfredo sauce. I even made it without the tomatoes for someone who can’t eat tomatoes. Bottom line is that it’s great with or without tomatoes. I even had leftovers over several days.

  63. Jennifer

    I never comment on recipes, but this was so delicious I had to comment. We didn’t use wine because of allergies, I just added extra broth and it was amazing. I definitely felt like I was eating at a nice restaurant. Must try and super easy to make.

  64. Cherrie Wilson

    Amazing! I followed the recipe pretty closely, 2/3 box of shells cuz I like to dip some crusty bread in the sauce and only used 1/2 cup Parmesan, it was all I had. I used the caramelized onion Boursin. It can be a little labor intensive but I like to get things done in stages and everything measured out for the finish. Sautéed the Diced up shallots and garlic, browned the sausage, added the wine, broth and tomatoes and stuck it in the fridge until I was ready to eat. Brought the pot back out hit sauté to get it back up to hot, added the pasta and spinach set it for 5 minutes with a QR. then added the heavy cream, Parmesan, Boursin and artichokes. I’m stuffed and looking forward to the leftovers!

  65. Maureen

    Jeffrey-please advise! Making this for 11 people. Do I double or triple the recipe? Does this include doubling everything including the liquids? I read thru all the reviews but couldn’t find an answer. Thank you!

    • Jeffrey

      This will feed 6. I wouldn’t double it in one pot though as it will have issues coming to pressure. 2 batches is smarter (regardless if using a 6- or 8-qt). Enjoy!

  66. John Kelley

    My go too recipe. I have made this before and going back some more . (rime) I’m getting just like: you know who. Nice & easy. This got me through the covid mess !!

  67. Barbara L. Brizendine

    I am “old school” when coping recipes. Hand written instead of printed out. After the instructions, I put a “*” followed by the comments from others on how they might have changed the recipe.

  68. Cathy

    We adore this recipe. We add more cocktail tomatoes but they still seem to disappear. Any thoughts? Also add Fire roasted, drained?

  69. Truddy

    My husband doesn’t like artichokes, so I left those out. Added roasted sweet potatoes at the very last minute. Absolutely loved it and already plan on making it again soon.

  70. Dee

    Any hints on making this with gluten free pasta? I haven’t had much luck following regular pasta recipes in the instant pot. It turns into goo. I usually cook the pasta separately then stir in it in.

  71. Donna K.

    1/2 cup of Parmesan is what you used in video. But, 1-1 1/2 cup listed in recipe. The result in the video looks fantastic so that is what I will go with. If you have a moment, maybe you could advise? Thanks for all your GREAT recipes!!!!

    • Jeffrey

      Either will work to be honest! Depends how cheesy you want it – start with 1/2 and work your way up, if desired!

  72. Peggy McG

    We LOVED it!!
    But……there are a huge amount of left overs. It’s just the two of us little old retired people.
    Divided it up into 2 containers with about 2 lb 12oz in each container.
    Do you think one would freeze well while we consumed the other within your 5 day recommendation?
    Thanks for a terrific recipe.
    Already shared the recipe with my daughter. They’ll love it too.
    PS. Your 4th cookbook is being delivered tomorrow. Can’t wait.

  73. Janet

    I have made this and it is to die for but I’d like to cut the fat a bit .
    Do you think I can make it with shrimp or at least with less sausage plus some shrimp? I don’t want to lose the flavor of the sausage. Thanks!

    • Jeffrey

      You can! Just add the shrimp at the very end with the dairy though as it will overcook with the pasta and cook quickly from the heat at the end. Once it’s curled and opaque, it’s good to go!

  74. Susan Nixon

    I have wanted to make this Sausage and Shells recipe forever. So I put my foot down and made sure I had all the ingredients on my shopping list this time. Today was the day! I prepared all the ingredients and put my iPad on that lovely foldable book stand you showed us a while back. I brought up your video so I would have you right there watching to make sure I did everything just right. I was not disappointed. It was heavenly!! The next time I make this, I’ll be taking your advice and doubling the amount of sausage!!

    • Jeffrey

      Fantastic, Susan! So glad you gave it a shot and enjoyed it – and that I was also able to keep you company!

  75. Patti

    Honestly love all the recipes I have tried of yours they are all complete winners! I’ve been eyeballing this for years and finally tried it tonight it was absolutely delightful!!! I was afraid it might be too heavy so I cut back a bit on the cream cheese! I googled your recipe for Boursin cheese and threw all the spices in there. added crushed red pepper since I used sweet sausage! It was amazing the only thing I would change if I made it again is to add way more tomatoes because I love tomatoes and they seemed to disappear! Thank you for a delicious meow another one!

  76. Alisha

    Italianfest Staple!! I have been making this for about 3-4 years for my family. My friend hosts an Italianfest every year and I am asked to make this each year.
    This dish is amazing. So many wonderful flavors, so easy to make and I typically have most items on hand. If I’m
    Out of something it’s really ready to sub something else (chicken broth for garlic broth and/or wine , cream cheese for Boursin, no artichokes? Leave them out. No tomatoes? Try roasted red peppers or just leave them out. No shallots? Use onions.
    I make with two different types of sausage. I use Mild Italian links that I cut up and hot Jimmy Deans sausage that I crumble. Somehow the little cubes of the find their way into many of the shells. Then the crumbles of the hot sausage mix into everything to just give a little kick.
    My middle son doesn’t like creamy or cheesey things, so when the instant pot is done and it’s rested for five minutes. I scoop out several servings for him. Then I add the heavy whipping cream, bousin and grated Parmesan. Hint I always grate up some fresh Parmesan to top this dish with. Serve with breadsticks or crusty bread fo lap up the sauce!!! Yummy!

  77. Melissa Mitchell

    This dish is so absolutely fabulous, that I wanted to make it again. So, off I go to my Clearwater, FL Publix to shop. And I find them to be out of pasta shells, in any brand! None, zero, zip, nada. I told the person helping me that it was all your fault. Lol. I’m trying mini farfalle instead. Wish me Pressure Luck!

    • Jeffrey

      Ha! Mini farfalle may not work out as well but let me know! I’d go with a ziti rigati or penne instead – same cook time.

  78. Jennifer Nystrom

    Hi Jefferey! This is one of our favorite recipes! Your recipes are my “go-to” recipes for all things instant pot! My question is this: my 11 year old grand daughter can’t have dairy or soy. I know I can use vegan butter or coconut oil for the butter in the recipe. Do you know of any non-dairy substitutes for the Parmesan and cream cheese? or should I just leave it our and pray for the best?

  79. Judy

    I am laughing out loud for real! I made Jeffrey’s sausage and shells last night. My husband really never says much about food, however, he absolutely LOVES “sausage and shells.” Tonight, he asked me to find out how many calories are in it. I was pretty sure there would be a pretty good amount. I really didn’t want to tell him. But I looked and looked. Then I saw where someone asked how many calories there were and Jeffrey said something like🤣 might not want to know, but go ahead and look it up. I laughed and laughed and told my husband what it said. 😂😂

  80. Cindy

    Great recipe! I made this stove top instead and added more broth during cooking. My grown son LOVED it. I just had to add more broth while cooking. I’m trying it tomorrow for myself with vegan substitutions. I can’t wait!

  81. BarbO

    I make this often with whatever I have on hand. I didn’t have spinach or heavy cream today but subbed in broccoli and whole milk and it was still delicious.

  82. Lisa Low

    Hi Jeffrey! I’m a big fan! I made this Sausage and Shells recipe today. Husband loves it! I doubled the spinach (I was using chopped frozen spinach) and added maybe 3/4 cup of mushrooms to it. I forgot the half and half by mistake but it was so delicious anyway. I made this to take to his parents. I am sure they will love it! Thank you for doing all the research to make awesome recipes!

  83. malecooking

    I’ve loved every recipe of yours I’ve tried—they’re all hits! Finally made this one tonight and it was fantastic, though I reduced the cream cheese to lighten it up. I made your Boursin cheese recipe, adding all the spices and some crushed red pepper to balance the sweet sausage. Next time, I’d add more tomatoes, as I adore them and they seemed to vanish in this dish. Thanks for yet another delicious recipe!

  84. James Wright

    Made this last night and wanted to post as it was a HUGE SUCCESS! My daughter said that it was in the top 5 pasta dishes she has ever eaten and one of the top 3 things I have ever cooked (up there with brisket and ribs!). Whole family loved it, will definitely make it again!

  85. Erica

    This recipe is amazing and it is a fat bomb! What would be a good way to lighten it up without sacrificing the flavor?

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