Instant Pot Green Bean Casserole

If there was a dish to scream “homemade” American, it’s Green Bean Casserole. Ever since it was created in the 1950s, this classic side makes frequent appearances at holiday tables in the colder months. However, it’s main feature is something I was never too keen on: condensed cream of mushroom soup. So we’re going to make this better than ever by replacing that jiggly substance with the magic of Mushroom Better Than Bouillon! We’re also going to load it up with some rich dairy, taking it to the next level. To top it all off, my Instant Pot version will be done much quicker and simpler than the traditional way!

This post was sponsored by Better Than Bouillon/Summit Hill Foods.

Green Bean Casserole
Green beans in a strainer separated from their juices
Begin by draining some cans of green beans (either cut and/or French-style) and reserving 1 cup of their juices.
Jar of Mushroom Better Than Bouillon
Now for the secret ingredient: Mushroom Better Than Bouillon!
Adding bouillon base to green bean juice
Scoop 1 teaspoon of the base from the jar…
Stirring green bean juice
…and mix it in with the reserved green bean juice.
Adding green beans and juice to Instant Pot
Add the green beans to the pot along with the green bean-mushroom juice. Smooth out the green beans so they’re evenly distributed.
Topping with mushrooms
Top with the mushrooms (but don’t stir them). Secure the lid and cook at high pressure.
Cooking beans and mushrooms
When done, it’ll look like this. Now, to dairy this up! Give the pot some heat.
Adding cream to pot
Add some cream…
Adding shredded mozzarella to pot
…shredded Mozzarella cheese…
Adding Boursin to pot
…and herb cheese.
Stirring pot
Give it all a good stir…
Everything mixed until creamy
…until the dairy is nice and combined. Kill the heat.
Adding fried onions to pot
Of course, it wouldn’t be a green bean casserole without some fried onions! I like adding mine INTO the dish as well as topping with them. Take a generous amount…
Stirring onions into mixture
…and stir them into the amazing cheesy, greeny, mushroomy mixture.
Topping with additional fried onions
Top with the remaining fried onions and either serve OR…
Placing air fryer lid on pot
…for a crispy finish, add an air fryer lid and broil for a few minutes (NOTE: you can also do this in an oven in a casserole dish).
Browned onion crust from air frying
Look at how beautiful! This gorgeous green bean casserole is ready to be devoured.
Man showing casserole
Bowl some of it up…
Man trying casserole
…try it out…
Man looking blissful
…and SOLD! No need to ever used condensed cream of mushrooms soup in your green bean casserole again!
Instant Pot Best Green Bean Casserole
Yield: 6

Instant Pot Green Bean Casserole

Instant Pot Green Bean Casserole
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 1 minute
Additional Time 2 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes



  1. After reserving the 1 cup of juices from the canned green beans, mix the teaspoon of Mushroom Better Than Bouillon in with it until it dissolves.
  2. Add the green beens and cup of green bean-shroom juice to the Instant Pot. Smooth out the beans with a spatula. If using, top with the mushrooms. Secure the lid, move the valve to the sealing position, hit Pressure Cook or Manual at High Pressure for 1 minute. Quick Release when done.
  3. Hit Cancel followed by Sauté and Adjust so it's on the More or High setting. Add the cream, shredded mozzarella (see Jeff's Tips), and herb cheese. Stir until all is melded together and well combined. Hit Cancel to turn the pot off.
  4. Stir in 1 1/2 cups of the fried onions. Then, top with the remaining fried onions and serve. Or...
  5. For a crispy finish: Top with the remaining fried onions, add the air fryer lid, hit Broil (400°) for 5 minutes and serve. Or, you can transfer to a casserole dish, top with the remaining fried onions and broil until browned (just keep an eye on it as all ovens vary).

Jeffrey's Tips

When adding the shredded mozzarella, start with 2 cups. If you decide you want it very thick (and extra cheesy) after stirring, then add the third cup of cheese.

Don't want mushrooms? Don't add them and use 1 teaspoon of any flavor of Better Than Bouillon in its place!

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  1. Bobbie

    Hey Jeff! Love your dishes, they always turn out perfect! I have a question about this dish. Can it be made in a 3 quart? Just trying to plan out my Thanksgiving prep and I have 1 6 quart which will be in use and then I have my 3 quart.

  2. Donna Kargol

    Looks yummy! I see so many IP recipes that look delicious but I stop reading when I see canned soup listed as an ingredient. Thanks for coming up with an alternative. Can fresh green beans be used in place of canned?

  3. Kimberly

    This looks and sounds AMAZING! BUT I’m not too keen on canned green beans, could I use frozen whole green beans and use a cup of water with the mushroom btb instead? And what adjustments to cooking time would I need to make? Thanks Jeffrey, you’re the BEST!

  4. Cindy Miller

    Jeffrey, I’d like to make this for Thanksgiving, however my son has celiac. Do you have any recommendations for the fried onion replacement as I’m sure there’s flour in them? I love all your recipes and have all your books!! i also follow your site!! Thanks for all the inspiration! ❤

  5. Peg Mason

    Thanks Jeffrey! Two questions: Could you use frozen green beans? Could you make it ahead of time? Thanks so much. – Peg

  6. MaryAnn Baumgarden

    This sounds really, really good. Asking a lot, but any way to include nutrition info? My husband uses an insulin pump & needs to input carb count before each meal. Thank you so much for sharing .

  7. Christy Lozano

    This looks delicious! Where do you find/buy all the special flavors of BTB though? The only ones I find are Vegetable, Chicken and beef.

  8. Robin T

    Tasty, but to me, lacked a little salt and pepper which I added the second batch. I might add some cheddar the third time. Great recipe. We love your channel. Thanks!!!

  9. Michelle Belle

    Amazingly delicious! I will never go back to the old way of making this. My family always loves dinner anytime I make one of Jeffrey Eisner’s creations, so thank you for all you do!

  10. Karen Caldwell

    My Sister, who met you at a book signing in Central Florida, made this for Thanksgiving and it was so delicious that the entire family has asked her to make it for Christmas too! It’s keto friendly too!

  11. Vanessa Blevins

    My son is a die hard green bean casserole lover. I made this at Thanksgiving and it’s a MUST! making it right now for Christmas. Thank you for this recipe!

    • Dianne Perkins

      Yes! Fresh are best. I pressure for 0-1 minutes depending on the crunch that I want. Pressure release right away.

  12. Tracy

    Sounds wonderful! I’ll be honest in saying I sampled a geen bean casserole at a potluck last Thanksgiving made with fresh beans, which I thought I would love, but no it didn’t hit the spot for me. Yay for canned beans here, and I’ll try your sauce suggestions!

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