Instant Pot Duo Plus vs Duo

Instant Pot Duo Plus vs. Instant Pot Duo

The Instant Pot Duo or the Duo Plus? Which one to get?!

So, the Instant Pot Duo Plus is basically like a hybrid between the Instant Pot Duo AND the Instant Pot Ultra.

And I have to confess, although it lacks the altitude and simulated sous-vide feature of the top-of-the-line Ultra, between its simple button access AND upgraded display from the Duo, it’s my favorite Instant Pot yet!

If you want to see a video of the Instant Pot Duo compared to the Instant Pot Ultra, check this link out here!:

If you want to see how to get started using your brand new Instant Pot with no worries and covering all the bases, check this video out!:

Which is the right Instant Pot for you? Buy at these links below for GREAT prices!:

IP Ultra Mini (3qt) –
IP Ultra 60 (6qt) –
IP Ultra 80 (8q) –

IP DUO Plus 30 (3qt) –
IP DUO Plus 60 (6qt) –
IP DUO Plus 80 (8qt) –

IP-DUO Mini (3qt)-
IP-DUO 60 (6qt) –
IP-DUO 80 (8qt) –

IP Smart (Bluetooth) –

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Disclaimer: I was given this Instant Pot Duo Plus 60 from the Instant Pot Company in exchange for an honest and fair review of how it works.

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