Instant Pot Best Ever Beef Stroganoff

Due to an overwhelming demand of folks asking me to make a Beef Stroganoff, I’ve finally done it. But it wasn’t something I was looking forward to. Here’s why: 

Every single Stroganoff recipe I’ve ever tried has been bland, disappointing and lacking in flavor excitement. I always felt like I was eating this tasteless, tough meat in a watery, milky sauce draped over noodles that left me questioning why so many love this dish. 

And so if I WAS going to make a Stroganoff recipe of my own to honor my readers’ requests, you can bet your bottom dollar that I would set out on a mission to make sure it was the most flavorful, unforgettable and comforting Beef Stroganoff one has ever tried. And I’m confident to say that I’ve done just that. 

The Stroganoff rules are re-written here, are simple and are going to take your Instant Pot cooking to the next level! 

Here’s How I Made It!: 

Start by taking some wide, ribbon-like egg noodles… 

…boiling them ON THE STOVETOP (we don’t want to pressure cook these with the beef or they’ll absorb too much of the liquid and become mushy) and then drain and rinse. Set them aside. 

Then take an onion… 

…and dice it up. 

Now we’ll want to take some chuck stew beef cubes… 

…and season them up with some salt and pepper. 

Add some olive oil to your Instant Pot… 

…as well as some butter and give the pot some heat. 

Once the butter’s melted and the oil’s sizzling… 

…add in the seasoned beef. 

Stir it around in the pot for a few minutes just until the edges becomes lightly browned (the meat shouldn’t be fully cooked at all). 

Once browned, remove the meat with a slotted spoon… 

…and place in a bowl and set aside. 

Okay. Now it’s time to create a sauce with some serious flavor. There will be plenty of oil and butter left in the pot and it’ll till be hot. Add the onions to it… 

…and let them cook for a couple of minutes. 

The, add in a bunch of mushrooms (because it ain’t a Stroganoff without ‘shrooms). 

Stir them up with the onions and let them absorb the oil and butter and cook for a few minutes. 

Now add in some garlic… 

…and some white wine. 

Stir well and allow everything to cook together for a few moments. 

Lastly, let’s season with some dijon mustard… 

…and seasoned salt. 

Stir everything together and let it cook together for another moment. 

Finish it off by adding in some beef broth… 

…and dried thyme. 

Finally, let’s add the beef back into the pot… 

…and don’t exactly stir it, but just smooth it out with a mixing spoon so its nice and submerged in the pot. 

…so it looks like this. Secure the lid and cook at high pressure. 

In the meantime, create a cornstarch slurry by mixing together equal parts cornstarch and water. 

Once the lid comes off the pot, give it some more heat so that it bubbles and then add in the slurry… 

…and stir it in immediately. 

Follow this by adding in the packet of onion dip/soup mix. 

…and stirring it in until blended. Now turn the heat off on the pot and leave it in the warming setting. We want those bubbles to die down before adding in our dairy. 

Once the sauce has stopped bubbling, add in some sour cream… 

…and some Boursin! (I’m beginning to be become obsessed with this stuff because this a key ingredient that makes it the best Stroganoff ever. But you can use part of a brick of cream cheese if you’d prefer that instead). 

Stir both the sour cream and Boursin until totally blended/melded into the sauce. Congratulations. You’ve just created the most flavorful and delicious Stroganoff sauce ever. 

Now serve it up by taking some of those noodles and placing in a bowl… 

…pouring a generous amount of the Beef Stroganoff and a generous amount of the sauce over the noodles… 

…and savor the flavor. 


At the time of this post, Pressure Luck exclusively uses Better Than Bouillon/Southeastern Mills for all soup bases and bouillon

Instant Pot Best Ever Beef Stroganoff
Yield: 6

Instant Pot Best Ever Beef Stroganoff

Instant Pot Best Ever Beef Stroganoff

I have a confession to make: I never cared for Stroganoff...until I created my own spin on this classic recipe. I can assure you, it's unlike any other you had and is in a league of its own. My readers have told me they've tossed their old recipes in favor of this one.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Additional Time 20 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes


  • 12 ounce package egg noodles (I use wide ribbons), boiled separately according to package (I find using half the package is enough but feel free to use it all)
  • 1 1/2-2 pounds beef stew meat/chuck cubes OR chuck roast cut into cubes (NOT to be confused with cubed steak – AVOID that for this recipe. Make sure the cut you use is as marbled as possible with some fat on it as this will make for the most tender meat. NOTE: Costco has excellent cuts of chuck/pot roast. Get a nice, marbled cut with visible, thick fat strands for the best experience!)
  • Kosher salt, a few generous shakes for seasoning the meat
  • Black pepper, a few generous shakes for seasoning the meat
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons salted butter
  • 1 large yellow onion, diced
  • 16 oz of Baby Bella mushrooms, sliced (you can use 8 oz instead if you want less mushrooms but I prefer it loaded with them)
  • 3 cloves (1 tablespoon) crushed garlic
  • 1/4 cup dry white wine (like a Chardonnay or you can use white cooking wine too)
  • 1 tablespoon dijon mustard (like Grey Poupon – and don’t worry, for if you hate mustard, you won’t taste it. It simply brings out more flavor in the sauce once combined with the other ingredients)
  • 1 teaspoon seasoned salt
  • 1 1/2 cups beef broth (I use 2 tsp of Beef Better Than Bouillon + 1.5 cups of water)
  • 1 teaspoon dried thyme
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch + 2 tablespoons water
  • 1 (1-ounce) packet dry onion dip/soup mix (like the kind you’d use for dips – there are many varieties and I used an Onion Mushroom flavor)
  • 1 cup (8 oz) sour cream
  • 5.2-ounce package of Boursin (SECRET INGREDIENT! If you can’t find the Boursin which is usually located in the deli section of your supermarket near the fancy cheeses and cured meats, use 5 oz of a brick of cream cheese. You can also make mine.)


    NOTE: The written recipe varies slightly from my video as I improved and updated it in terms of cooking time for optimal tenderness!

  1. Cook the egg noodles on the stovetop according to package instructions while the meat’s cooking and strain and set aside (Note: you can also do this during Step 7 while the Stroganoff is pressure cooking, but just make sure you do it separately on the stove and don’t add the noodles directly into the pot while pressure cooking or they will absorb too much of the liquid and will become mushy).
  2. Season the meat with the kosher salt & pepper (about 1-2 tsp of each should be fine) and rub it in well.
  3. Add the olive oil and butter to the Instant Pot and hit Sauté and Adjust so it’s on the More or High setting. After about 3 minutes (and once the butter’s melted and oil’s bubbling), add in the meat and sear on all sides so it’s lightly browned (about 2-3 minutes total; the meat shouldn’t be fully cooked at all). Remove the meat with a slotted spoon and set aside in a bowl for the time being.
  4. Now, add the onion to the pot with the already heated oil and butter and let cook for 2 minutes and then add the mushrooms and let cook for 3 minutes more. Then, add in the garlic and cook for 1 more minute.
  5. Next, add in the white wine and stir for a minute followed by the dijon mustard and seasoned salt, stir well and deglaze (scrape) the bottom of the pot so nothing’s stuck to it.
  6. Lastly, add in the beef broth and thyme and stir well followed by adding back in the browned beef
  7. Secure the lid, hit the Cancel button followed by the Manual or Pressure Cook button High Pressure for 20 minutes. When done, allow a 10-minute natural release followed by a quick release.
  8. When the lid comes off, hit the Keep Warm/Cancel button and then hit Sautéagain and adjust so it’s on the More or High setting. Bring the pot to a bubble and add in the cornstarch slurry and stir immediately. Then, add in the onion mix packet and let bubble for a minute and then turn the pot to Keep Warm so that the bubbles die down.
  9. Once the bubbles have mostly subsided, add in the sour cream and Boursin. Stir well until they are both totally melded into the sauce and it will be ready!
  10. Place some noodles in individual bowls and then follow with some the beef and plenty of sauce.

Jeffrey's Tips

NOTE: The written recipe varies slightly from my video as I improved and updated it in terms of cooking time for optimal tenderness!

This makes PLENTY of the most amazingly flavorful Stroganoff sauce you’ll have. So feel free to double the meat if you want even more!

It’s important to cook the noodles separately on the stove and not add them directly into the pot while pressure cooking or the noodles will absorb too much of the liquid, expand and will become mushy.

Reader Interactions


  1. Arthur Brown

    This one of my favorite recipes when I first started using the instant pot. It was one of the first Jeffrey recipes. I still love this dish. I was not a stroganoff fan until this recipe and it introduced me to Boursin. This is a five-star recipe!

  2. Kelli R Jackson

    Had everything on hand except Boursin. I have cream cheese and found a recipe for garlic and herb Boursin and pretty much have all I need. Haven’t made it yet but I’m sure it will be close and better than plain cream cheese.

  3. Kathy

    I don’t eat beef but made this for husband and friend. They loved it. Said the recipe is a keeper. Everything I’ve made from Jeffrey’s cookbook has been great. Some I’ve made more than once. People who complain about IP food being bland need to try Jeffrey’s recipes.

  4. David Lasch Sr

    I don’t have an “Instant Pot” but was gifted a different brand. I found your You Tube videos while searching recipes for pressure cookers. Since then I’ve made several of your recipes and all have been delicious but must say this one was our favorite!!

  5. Mileth

    This is one my faves from Jeffrey’s recipe. Though I like all of his recipes. I am making this for a party tomorrow. Hope my coworkers will love it like I do.

  6. Andy M

    My wife and I absolutely enjoyed your Beef Stroganoff recipe. After having a similar experience with your Pot Roast recipe, I decided to purchase your “The Step by Step Instant Pot” cookbook. Keep up the amazing work!

  7. Pat Rini

    I am letting mine slow release as I type..My only problem is when I went to lightly brown the meat at the beginning it made so much liquid it wouldn’t brown…was I suppose to do it in small batches..Smells wonderful..this is the second thing I. have tried in my new pot..I bought your cook book and in the cookbook you do say to let it slow release for 10 minutes..

    • Brigitta

      Since I doubled the amount of meat, I did four small batches for browning. I ended up removing much of the liquid because it affected the ability to brown the meat. I added the liquid back in later

  8. Doreen

    Made this for dinner tonight and when I went to do the dishes I found a post-it note in the bottom of the pot that said “please refill”! Guess I will be making this again!

    • Margaret A

      Either brown the meat in smaller batches or cook until the excess liquid evaporates. However, doing this runs the risk of overcooking the meat.

  9. Jennifer Marron

    This was my Husband’s FAVORITE recipe and started us on the Instant Pot Journey ! He passed in September and we made this for his Birthday tonight to celebrate him 🙂 Thank you for the amazing recipes and the fun we had making them together while he was fighting cancer !

    • Divo

      I think your husband was looking down from heaven at me as I was trying to make this recipe and saying to himself…thank God I had Jennifer for a wife instead of that crazy one down there…or I would have starved for sure!

    • Sue

      God bless you girl. I’m sorry you lost your husband. I’m so happy though that you guys were able to have some fun cooking together before he passed. Big hug sent your way

  10. Dennis H

    Jeffrey, I am loving the new layout of the website! When i first got my Instant Pot, i made your spaghetti and meatballs because i wanted something easy and foolproof. The beef stroganoff was the 2nd recipe i made and you weren’t kidding when you said it was the BEST!. It is AMAZING! i have made it countless times, including for company and everyone loves it! Just about everything i make in the Instant Pot comes from one of your recipes and i have been impressed with them all! Whenever someone buys an instant pot, i immediately send the link to your website for all these amazing recipes! I am truly happy with your success; you absolutely deserve it! i also bought your cookbook and can’t wait for the Light one to come out because the waist line can only handle so much Boursin and heavy cream in all these dishes 🙂

  11. Amy

    Holy cow this recipe was AMAZING!! Seriously one of the best!! My whole family loved it! I will for sure be making this again. Thanks!

  12. Sarah

    Hi Jeffrey, this recipe looks delicious! I cannot use alcohol. Is there anything to replace the white wine with? Or can I just omit it altogether without compromising the flavor?

  13. Devonnah C

    This is my first (but not last) comment. I was late to the instant pot craze so I didn’t get one until around Thanksgiving 2020. I wasn’t sure where to look for recipes or how-tos since this method of cooking was foreign to me. Luckily, I have good friends that steered me in a few directions, one leading to you and your site. This stroganoff is the 4th recipe I tried and even my hubby who is anti-mushroom loves it! To be fair, I dice up the mushrooms a bit so he’s less likely to notice. My only change to this recipe is, I add a tablespoon of parsley flakes & 1 tsp of dry ranch dressing mix, (I don’t like mustard) & I add the dry soup mix before pressurizing. I made it for my father and he said he could eat it all day every day. Success!! Your site/you have become like a cherished friend & whenever we use the IP, hubby will ask, “Is it one of Jeffrey’s recipes?”, with eager anticipation. Thank you for all you have done & continue to do for the IP community. Mazel Tov & continued success & love to you!!

  14. Corinne

    Oh my… this was delicious!!! I had to Sautee my mushrooms on the side because the family does not like them. Thanks for the delicious recipe, will be adding into my rotation. 😄

  15. Dawn CURTIS

    Very good video. Love how you explain every step and are not too slow. You add a bit of humor too! I will be trying this recipe and will continue to follow you.

    Dawn C

  16. Sarah

    Can I leave out the sour cream and cheese to make it more like beef tips n noodles. I love stroganoff, my family doesn’t but they like beef tips.

  17. Deborah Hixon

    I made it last night and it had amazing flavor!! My question is, what can I do to make my meat more tender – mine was pretty tough even though I cooked it for the 12 minutes (instead of the 7) and did a 10 minute natural release. I don’t mind cooking the beef longer – I just need to know which step to do that in.
    I also just loved all the step by step instructions and video!!
    Thanks for sharing this recipe! I’m going to try your pot roast next!

  18. Sophia

    Jeffrey, I made your beef stroganoff tonight. It was very good. I had no sour cream so I substituted 1 cup of cottage cheese with 5 tbsp of milk and 2 tbsp of lemon juice, used the hand blender to smooth it out and only used half the boursin. Delish.

  19. Tannis

    Really delicious,finally not a watery version thats soupy,thanks so much the whole family really enjoyed it,will make it again and again.Do you have a cookbook for instant pot,you should seriously write one.

  20. Marguerite

    Has anyone made this without mushrooms?? I absolutely hate them and I wonder if this is still delicious if you omit them?

  21. Michelle Harmon

    Enjoy this recipe. It was a little too soupy for us. Will try and cut back the broth to 1 cup. Love the flavor of the Boursin cheese.

  22. Robyn Baldwin

    The recipe sounds wonderful and I’d like to try it, but I’m not a big fan of onions and one whole onion and then the onion soup mix sounds a bit much. I would omit one or the other, which one should it be?

  23. Vanessa

    My husband doesn’t care for stroganoff, or so he thought. He asked for this for his birthday dinner, and I have it cooking right this minute. It is fantastic!!! Love it! Jeffrey, you never disappoint!

  24. Shane Hill

    This was one of our first true Instant Pot recipes and may still be our favorite. Very delicious and pretty easy! We’ve made it a couple of times and can’t wait to make it again!

  25. Yasamin

    I’ve made this stroganoff twice and my family loves it!

    We do end up with a lot of extra sauce. Any tips on freezing/ reheating? I don’t want to waste any of this delicious sauce! Thanks!

    • Pixie Werner

      Use it for the liquid when making rice. Or thicken with additional slurry and serve over mashers, or add to a different soup.

  26. Susan

    Ive made this twice now, my family just LOVES it. But Im confused because I bought your book and it says to cook 20 mins, whereas here online it says cook for 12 mins. Which is correct?

  27. Fred K

    Hi Jeffrey!
    Love this dish, probably make this the most often of your recipes. In fact I love this dish so much I decided to try filet mignon ends. OMG!

  28. Nikki

    I made this with homemade meatballs instead of beef. The sauce is quite good, though I found the bourasin about overwhelming. I think I will do half bourasin and half cream cheese next time around. Excellent recipe. Will definitely make again.

  29. Anne Cleveland

    Second time I’ve made your stroganoff. So good! (I love mushrooms, too. I buy 24 ounce box of bellas and use every last one!)

  30. Laurie

    Made this last night and am SO HAPPY with the results. I didn’t have any cooking or dry wine so I subbed Balsamic vinegar to deglaze my pot. This was a HUGE hit for the family. I doubled the meat to take dinner to my best friend (& her husband) who is going through breast cancer treatment and still had enough left to share at my office with 2 others for our lunches today (and still had plenty for the husband’s lunch too). Couldn’t believe how easy and delicious this was. This will be a new recipe in the rotation for sure! Thanks Jeffrey.

  31. Callie

    I’m wondering how I can make this into a freezer meal? Do you think I could just mix it all together and freeze? Then pull it out, and insta pot it?

  32. Karen Scofield

    Made this for the family last night, 9 people! It was a huge hit. Everyone love it. In fact I had to get up and make more noodles before the meal was finished. This is a great dish to serve a crowd. Thank you.

  33. Jody

    Used a cup of plain Greek yogurt because I didn’t have sour cream. Made it at work on my lunch break. No one noticed the substitution. Super tangy, super flavorful, meat is tender and not dry. Also omitted the seasoning salt and wine. Used a splash of Guinness beer instead. Was plenty salty and seasoned.

  34. Karen

    I love Beef Stroganoff and mushrooms are what makes it so good. I saute the mushrooms in good olive oil so they are bursting with flavor, then remove them so they aren’t over cooked, adding them back in when adding the last ingredients.

  35. AZMare

    Is it okay to add the noodles to the sauce after the sauce is done with the lid off on saute setting to cook the noodles in the sauce to add flavor to them?

  36. Carol

    I made this recipe tonight – simply delicious!!!! I used red wine instead of white because that is what I had. The sauce is very rich and decadent – so good!! Thanks Jeffrey for a wonderful meal!

  37. Lauren P

    This recipe is absolutely delicious! My grocery store didn’t have chuck roast already cut up so I went with the bottom round stew meat. I was so worried it was going to be too tough, so I made sure to cook it for 11 mins with a full natural release and it was awesome! I also substitued the Boursin for chive flavored cream cheese because I was at target with a 2 year old and that’s all they had lol definitely a keeper of a recipe!!

  38. Lesli

    I have made this recipe over 50 times since discovering it on a Pampered Chef instapot facebook page a couple years ago. IT IS THE BEST RECIPE EVER! I literally can drink the sauce. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe with the world and for introducing me to Boursin!

  39. CMack

    Absolutely wonderful, even without the Borsin cheese (which I didn’t have on hand). I also did the egg noodles in the IP separately – 1 min + QR. Perfect. Even used canned mushrooms and still super. Make sure to brown meat in small batches and pour off any liquid produced each time. Add it back in before you pressure cook.

  40. Pam Ward

    Just made this stroganoff tonight & my husband & I loved it! I made my own Boursin using your recipe & we will be snacking on crackers & homemade Boursin tonight watching TV. My stroganoff was a little soupy so next time I will reduce the beef broth but the meat was extremely tender & flavorful. Thanks for such a good recipe!

  41. Callie

    Has anyone attempted to turn this into a freezer meal?? Wondering if I can somehow. It’s so much work I’m trying to simply it so I can prepare it quickly! LOVE this recipe!

  42. Barbara

    This recipe saved my Instant Pot! My husband has been complaining about every single dish I make in the IP.(I make a lot of soup/stews- he is meat/potato fan) I made this for him & told him I would not use the pot anymore for his dinner if he did not like this. I am happy to report he said he would gladly eat this again! Thank you!

  43. Jenny

    I’m a little confused. In the recipe, you say to do a 10-minute Natural Release, but then in the yellow box under it, you say a Natural Release isn’t needed. Can you clarify that please? Thanks!

  44. Liesa

    Y’all. Hear me out. I love this recipe (we don’t do mushrooms, but it’s still divine). Been making it for years in the IP. Budget and tired-mom energy wise, I’m gonna make it with ground beef on the stove top tonight. Really looking forward to it! The best stroganoff. 🙂

  45. Mark Zumkeller

    I am looking forward to trying this some day. I grew up loving my father’s beef stroganoff. It’s a high bar to beat!

  46. Paul n Jaci

    This is the best stroganoff ever! The beef, tender. The sauce, delish.
    Thank you ever so.

    Paul n Jaci from Imperial MO.

  47. Melanie Diamond

    Absolutely adore Jeffrey’s recipes – but don’t use dairy with meat. What can you sub for sour cream and Boursin?

  48. Pam

    I made this stroganoff recipe for dinner last night and like all of Jeffrey’s recipes, it was outstanding! The steps look a little daunting, but trust me, they are easy and excellent instructions!

  49. D Edward Smith

    Seriously, the best beef stroganoff ever, hands down. I’ve made it a half dozen times already and have gotten nothing but rave reviews. For those worrying about using the Boursin, don’t sweat it. I personally like it better with plain cream cheese.

  50. KARL

    I’ve made this quite a few times, got it going in my pot now, added extra mushrooms, didn’t have white wine but has some leftover Marcella wine I used in your chicken marsella recipe( damn good probley best I’ve had) anyways thanks for the recipes

  51. Emilie

    This is the second time I’ve made this. This time I used moose instead of beef, and chopped the mushrooms so the few people I had that “didn’t like mushrooms” would try it. Every one loved it, I ran out of noodles. I love this recipe.

  52. Katie

    So good! Definitely use 16oz of mushrooms, it seems like a lot at first but they reduce down to the perfect amount. Only thing I would change is maybe put the onion soup mix in before pressure cooking. My beef could have used more flavor that comes from being cooked in the juices. I did season and sear it but still not quite enough. One thing I love about all of these recipes is how simple they really are for such wonderful, complex flavors!

  53. George

    I love beef strogonoff and usually go for the “easy” recipe’s but decided to try this and have to say it really is the best I’ve made. The boursin cheese was truly a secret ingredient and I used Lipton’s beefy onion soup mix. I now use both of those ingredients in other recipe’s as an added flavor component. I’ve made this at least a half dozen times.

  54. Mark Tipton

    Your revised cooking time is a major difference from the video..more than double. Adding a whole envelope of dry onion soup mix doesn’t make it too salty does it? I’m tempted to use half an envelope if at all. Your take ?

  55. Lisa W

    Very tasty! BUT Instant pots suck at searing. Get the IP *HOT* before adding anything. Otherwise, you will just lightly boil the meat (or overheat the oil waiting till it gets hot enough) 🙁

  56. Karen

    This is absolutely five star, divine, over the top restaurant quality. Next time I will double the meat, as there is plenty of sauce. I can see also serving this over chicken, meatballs, or just some fluffy white rice. Special enough to serve guests. Major kudos!


    This meal is so amazing. The flavor is like nothing you’ve ever had. It’s so good I could literally drink the sauce. I mean the amount of flavor is ridiculous. Definitely 10 out of 10.

  58. Afan

    In the realm of digital cuisine,
    Beef Stroganoff, a virtual dream.
    Instant Pot’s pressure, quick and neat,
    Made this dish a savory treat!

  59. Kelly LeBlanc

    I made this tonight – Chef’s kiss!! amazing!! I added Worcestershire sauce and paprika and only had cream cheese not boursin. I had been craving this dish and Jeff’s recipes do not disappoint .

  60. Susan

    Your beef stroganoff Insta pot recipe is outrageously good. If I double the recipe, adding twice the meat, how long do I cook it under pressure?

  61. Sun Beamer

    Made this this afternoon for the 1st. time in a couple of years (been doing low carb/ keto); but if your going off plan…make it wort it!. Absolute hit, as good as I remembered & my husband loved it & our dog Rocky licked the bowls clean… Thank for putting all the work in & being willing to share!

  62. Ashley Lemaster

    My picky teens love this. I am sentimental and miss my mom‘s stovetop version, but I love how quick it comes together. My mom was home string the pot all day, and I do not have that luxury.

  63. Peg

    Made it last night for dinner~ it is THE BEST I”ve ever eaten! Followed recipe exactly, except used cubes of leftover standing rib roast and pressured 15 min.

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