Pineapple Dole Whip

I’ll start by saying I’m obsessed with Disney. I mean, you won’t find Mickey waffle makers and Minnie oven gloves in my kitchen. Nah – apart from many of the films, my love-fest lies with the theme parks for its attractions (wheee!), people watching (none better) and FOOD! And as Mickey would say, “Oh BOY!” There are SO many treats at the Disney Parks that are exclusive to ONLY them…OR. SO. WE. THOUGHT.

If there’s one thing that people will tell you is the most iconic treat in all of Disney, I’d be willing to wager the answer that would win would be the most POPULAR of them all: THE DOLE WHIP! Normally racking up 20-30 minute lines in the sweltering heat, you KNOW it has to be something special.

So just WHAT IS a Dole Whip, anyway?! It’s merely nothing more than a frozen pineapple soft-serve treat that is so refreshing, even the sweatiest of beasts on a 100 degree day (*cough cough* me) will be instantly refreshed with just one taste of this remarkably EASY and magnificent treat! What’s more? IT’S DAIRY-FREE!

And now, thanks to the EXACT SAME MIX that they use in the parks being available online, you can make this right in your own kitchen, NO LINES. NO HEAT. ALL THE HEAVENLY FAMILIAR REFRESHMENT.

Here’s How I Made It!: 

First and foremost. Make sure your freezing drum from your Ice Cream Maker is fully frozen in the freezer for AT LEAST 12 HOURS before making. Get it? Got it? GOOD!

So the reason this Dole Whip is going to taste like Tinkerbell herself blessed it with this some serious pineapple pixie dust is because of THIS MAGICAL MIX (buy it here). It is 100% essential to making it taste like that Dole Whip we all know and love right from the Disney Parks. And why is that? Because they use THIS EXACT SAME MIX!

Add some of it to a mixing bowl…

…along with some cold water (and you can use only water if you wish to keep this dairy-free/vegan)…

…but you can also sub some milk for some of the water too (this makes it a bit creamier and slightly firmer!)

Whisk together well…

…until the mix is dissolved in the bowl.

Assemble the Ice Cream Maker, which takes all of 10 seconds (I use this one and love it, plus it’s affordable).

Turn the Ice Cream Maker on…

…and pour the mixture in as it churns.

It may not seem like there’s a ton in there right now, but believe me, we’ve added the perfect amount. Because as it churns and freezes…

…it will THICKEN & GROW! When it’s looking like this, that DOLE is WHIPPED and it’s done!

So turn the Ice Cream Maker off…

…remove the dasher…

…and scrape any Dole Whip remnants from the dasher back into the freezer drum (and then lick the dasher).

The freezer drum will keep the Dole Whip nice and cold while we make final preparations.

To get that soft-serve effect, we want to take a large, star-shaped decorative tip

…and slide it into a 16″ piping bag (I like using disposable plastic ones – just easier, hassle-free and less clean-up).

Make sure the tip slides rather snuggly to the end of the bag (but don’t overdo/force it. We don’t want it to rip).

Take some kitchen shears, cut a hole in the bag…

…and slide the tip through JUST enough so that none of the star-shaped opening is blocked by the bag.

Now, if making a Dole Whip Float (which I SO suggest you do), take a really awesome glass (like this one)…

…and fill it up halfway with some cold, refreshing pineapple juice!

Take a serving spoon, take a bunch of the Dole Whip that’s been kept cold (and even continuing to freeze)…

…and transfer it into the piping bag.

Twist the top of the bag so nothing can escape and then squeeze the Dole Whip into the glass.

And would you LOOKA that?! A BEAUTIFUL soft-serve look is easily created! And they don’t call it a Float for nothing – that Dole Whip floats so nicely right on top of that oasis of pineapple juice.

Stick a straw in it…

…as well as any other kitschy things – like a pink flamingo or pineapple wedge.

If you aren’t feeling a float, just pipe some into a bowl. (Oh, by the way, you can totally skip all the piping steps if you want and just spoon it into a bowl or on top of the pineapple juice. The piping just makes it look that much more like an actual Dole Whip and sort of makes it seem more legit somehow – funny how just the tip can do that).

If you have any leftover (I doubt you will), transfer it to an ice cream container

…put a lid on it and pop in the freezer for later use.

AH! FINALLY! I get to try my Dole Whip Float! (I’ve been so busy doing all this talking and I don’t want it to melt!)

Mmmmhmmm… I’m stunned really. It’s hard to describe. I feel like I’m in some sort of tropical heaven and about to ride The Jungle Cruise.

Oh right! This is a float so we can SIP it too! Oh that refreshing pineapple juice is just perfection – especially when the Dole Whip begins to seep into it…

And folks, this is one VERY happy boy! And the best part? I didn’t have to wait 20 minutes in the scorching heat to get one!


Dole Whip and Dole Whip Float
Yield: 6

Pineapple Dole Whip

Pineapple Dole Whip

Ever go to Disney and see a huge line of people waiting for a refreshing treat? It's likely a Pineapple Dole Whip. Good thing this recipe lets you make it in your home ice cream maker with identical results and no lines to wait in.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes



  • 1 cup of Dole Pineapple Soft Serve Mix (this is a MUST for this to be just like the Disney version! AND it’s dairy-free, vegan and kosher! This 4.4lb bag will last you a good year so it’s worth every cent!)


  • 3 cups of cold water (for dairy-free and vegans)


  • 1.5 cups of cold water
  • 1.5 cups of whole milk




  1. Make sure the Ice Cream Maker‘s drum has sat in the freezer so it’s completely frozen at least 12 hours before making. Assemble the Ice Cream Maker (which takes all of 10 seconds)
  2. Using a whisk, mix together the Dole Pineapple Soft Serve Mix, water and milk (if using – this will make your Dole Whip slightly firmer and creamier) until the mix is fully dissolved, about 30 seconds
  3. Turn the Ice Cream Maker on and slowly pour in the Dole Whip mixture into the frozen drum (it may seem like there’s plenty of room left for more, but don’t be fooled. As this churns, it will double in size!)
  4. Allow it to churn for 30 minutes (don’t go any less than that – we want it as firm as possible for serving at a soft-serve consistency). Turn the machine off when done, remove the dasher (getting as much of the soft serve off and into the freezer drum) and just let the frozen soft serve rest in the freezer drum. Now, if you don’t care about presentation and making this look like actual soft serve, you can serve it right away. BUT if you want it to look like it came out of a commercial soft serve machine, follow the next step
  5. Get a 16″ Piping Bag (seriously, the larger the bag, the better for this), slide in a large Star-Shaped Decorative Tip so it’s firmly in the bag, and cut off the tip with kitchen shears – making sure all the starred-edges from the decorative tip are exposed through the snipped hole and not covered with any plastic from the piping bag. Scoop a bunch of the Dole Whip from the freezer drum into the bag, twist the top of the bag and squeeze into individual serving bowls
  6. Want to make it a Dole Whip Float? You’re my hero. Take a glass, fill it halfway with pineapple juice and then scoop or pipe/squeeze the Dole Whip on top of it. Insert a straw, a spoon, and a cliché tropical decoration like a drink umbrellapink flamingo/pineapple straw or sliced pineapple wedge and serve. (Psst. If it’s grown-up night, spike it with some coconut, light or dark rum!)
  7. Enjoy! (And pretend you’re about to visit The Enchanted Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room)

Jeffrey's Tips

This recipe will yield about 4-5 good-sized Dole Whips/Floats! Want to make it for only 1 or 2? Simply halve the recipe and churn for 20 minutes instead of 30!

I think that this is the best Ice Cream Maker you can get for amazing value and it works wonderfully with great results every time. If you want one that looks like a mini soft serve machine that will dispense in a swirl-like fashion eliminating the piping step, you can get this Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker. BUT, it’s almost double the price, takes up a LOT more space and, from what I hear, doesn’t work as well as the one I suggest).

This is a dairy-free dessert, but I like adding milk to it as specified in my recipe. I feel it makes it a bit creamier, closer to Disney’s style and slightly firmer. But you TOTALLY don’t need to add it! The water on its own is totally sufficient and the flavor will STILL be just like you know and love at Disney!

Want to make it a grown-up night? When making it a float, spike the pineapple juice with some coconut, light or dark rum!

Want to try it in other flavors?! Go for it – all the other ingredients and instructions remain the same! Dole makes it in these other flavors too!:

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  1. Marianne Wilson-Redman

    Hi. Thank you so much for this recipe! I made my first batch today and screwed it up prior to watching your video. Bad advice told me to use 2/3 cup of the Disney park Dole Whip mix and six ounces of water. Yes. OUCH! I used an ice cream maker and churned for thirty minutes. I made the mistake of making it with water for one thing, then I neglected to pour it into the mixer as it was churning. (Instead, I put the mixture in the bowl first, then turned it on). The consistency was kind of rubbery, not light and fluffy. The directions on the dole whip mix bag says one serving is 2/3 dry mix…that’s why I did it this way. I will try it your way and this is a great, informative video. Maybe just mention to people to not use 2/3 cup of mix (?) like I foolishly did…but thank you for providing the proper ratio of mix to water. My boyfriends 60th birthday is approaching, and SO glad I didn’t make a raving fool of myself. Your video will help make my recipe a success. Thanks again! 😇😇😉😉

  2. Wendi L

    THANK YOU!! I was sifting through all the recipes online that claimed to be “The Official Recipe”, because I know that is usually not the truth, then I ran across your video! I ordered the mix on Amazon yesterday and it arrived today! I already made a batch and it’s waiting in the freezer for dessert tonight but I had a taste and it is amazing!

    Did I mention you are a bad influence? LOL

    Anyway, I used 1 1/2 cups canned coconut milk (my son in law is lactose intolerant) and 1 1/2 cups water! IT’S SO GOOD!!

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