I just turned 36.  I can still consider that “mid-thirties,” right?  Regardless of the number, I don’t feel older or “old,” even.  I feel pretty great (which IS great because, like anyone else, there are days where I don’t feel like getting out of bed).  A key thing to help me feel that way was starting Pressure Luck.

It’s funny how we can find happiness and inspiration in a product, isn’t it?  It isn’t too common, especially these days when there are so many silly and ultimately useless things available for the taking.  But when I first saw the Instant Pot advertised on Amazon with 15,000 reviews averaging 4.5 stars, I was intrigued and just knew I had to give it a try.  I got so excited after making a crazy yummy and quick Mac & Cheese in it that I made a video when I made it for a second time (the same night because…Mac & Cheese), found the Instant Pot Community group on Facebook and posted the video there.  Who knew that it would cause such a commotion where people were asking me to make more videos which then led to my creating the name “Pressure Luck” and its own Facebook Page…which then led to over 15,000 followers in just 3 months?  The success was totally unexpected and slightly overwhelming because, well, I never really had that sort of success before.  This was new to me and I felt a sense of humbleness touched with tenacity and took a deep breath and realized that a website was the next step.  And so, over 40 videos in just 4 months of having an Instant Pot, pressureluckcooking.net was born.  Surreal.

I’ve also lost 45 pounds in the new year combining exercise with using my Instant Pot, sticking with healthier recipes instead of ordering takeout on a daily basis, choosing what ingredients went into my meal and controlling my portions. Living this way has made me feel like a newer, lighter, happier and more determined fella.

I could ramble more and talk about the “you have the power to change your life” cliché but the point of this post is to share with you that if you feel like life is tough or stagnant and that you may never amount to anything, try something new.  Take the reigns and follow a passion you have within.  There is no telling where it may lead but there’s also no knowing if you don’t at least try because things just don’t fall into your lap and weight doesn’t magically fall off your body.  Great things require some hard work and determination and the ultimate reward is that personal feeling of achievement.  Take it from me, the proof is in the puddin’.

So on your next birthday, just before you’re about to blow out your candles, make a wish.  And see it through. ?