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Welcome to Pressure Luck’s home on the web!

A site dedicated to the latest Pressure Cooking craze (Instant Pot, anyone?), here you will find both easy-to-follow video AND written recipes that are easy, quick and AMAZING! And with recipes ranging from healthy to comfort, vegan to carnivore there’s something for everyone.

Pressure luck also makes it a mission to use ingredients that are mostly very easy to find at your local supermarket and won’t break the bank. No over-the-top trips needed to the ends of the earth to get that perfect ingredient here. We’re talking none of the frills, but with ALL of the thrills!

So join Jeffrey as he takes you through some step-by-step videos while having some fun doing it!  Remember, he’s not a professional chef with any formal training (just his own) so if HE can do it, YOU can too!

New recipes are added weekly so the recipe catalogue will only get bigger so make sure to keep checking back often.  Join the Newsletter and like Pressure Luck on Facebook, subscribe on YouTube and follow on Instagram and Pinterest!

Pressure Luck’s IKEA Hack!

Did you know that Ikea's marketplace has some SERIOUS goodies for your Instant Pot?    Because it does! These Stabil steamer baskets will allow you to cook or steam THREE different things in your Instant Pot right at the same time!  And they will fit into any 6 OR 8qt...

A Recipe Blogger’s PSA

Hey guys!  I love love LOVE making video recipes.  Balancing this with a full-time job in between spending time with family and friends, it has all but consumed my free time BUT you wanna know something?  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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