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Welcome to Pressure Luck!

Sometimes confidence can plummet in the kitchen. I want to show everyone that not only is cooking rewarding, but it’s also FUN!  After discovering the latest electric pressure cooking craze, I’ve found my passion for sharing all the food I make in easy-to-follow, step-by-step videos so that I can connect with my audience and make it feel like we’re cooking together!

Here you will find a treasure trove of recipes that are easy, quick and AMAZING! And with the recipes ranging from healthy to comfort and vegan to carnivore there’s something for everyone!

Pressure Luck also makes it a mission to use ingredients that are mostly very easy to find at your local supermarket and won’t break the bank. No over-the-top trips needed to the ends of the earth to get that perfect ingredient here. We’re talking none of the frills, but with ALL of the thrills!

So join Jeffrey as he takes you through some step-by-step videos while having some fun doing it! Remember, he’s not a professional chef with any formal training (just his own) so if HE can do it, YOU can too!

New recipes are added weekly so the recipe catalogue will only get bigger so make sure to keep checking back often.  Join the Newsletter and like Pressure Luck on Facebook, subscribe on YouTube and follow on Instagram and Pinterest!

Pressure Luck’s Hanukkah Menu!

It's Hanukkah/Chanukah!!! There are SIXTEEN ways to spell this word by the way, but no matter if you choose the soft "h" way or the way that makes you sound like you have a tickle in your throat, it's all the same festival of lights! And while everyone loves giving...

Pressure Luck’s Thanksgiving Menu

Okay, folks. The BEST meal of the year is almost upon us - THANKSGIVING! And not only is this my favorite meal, it also happens to be my favorite holiday - gathering around the table with loved ones and sharing in a magnificent feast that's guaranteed to make you...

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