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I’ve found that there are just some essential products that I always have on hand in order to make such delicious food (and to make life a little easier). I’ll use this page to share with you the products I find very helpful to help you in all your cooking adventures!

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The Instant Pots

As you’ll notice, nearly every single recipe on this page features the Instant Pot. Therefore, you’ll definitely want to get one (or two if you have the space and want to make multiple things at the same time!). There are five options of Instant Pots that I suggest and all are available at at the clickable links below as ALL my recipes are tailored to their controls:

Newer Models

  • The Instant Pot IP-DUO Plus60 which holds 6 quarts is an updated version of the older IP-DUO series with a more advanced and helpful display.  The unit also includes a few new pre-set buttons to make cake, eggs and to sterilize.  This would be the Instant Pot I’d say to get if you were buying your first one!  BUT if you want something even sleeker, sexier and fancier, you may want to op for our next option – The ULTRA!
  • The Instant Pot Ultra which holds 6 quarts and is the newest and sleekest looking Instant Pot yet!  The crown model, it is all dial controlled but is very easy to use and boasts an even more advanced display, from the IP-DUO Plus60 along with the same pre-sets but with beautifully illuminated buttons as well.  If you want to go ahead and spend a little extra for the latest on Instant Pot design and technology, go for the Ultra.
  • The Instant Pot IP-DUO30 is BRAND NEW and PERFECT for those just cooking for one or two with small appetites and don’t care for leftovers!  Also perfect for those with a small kitchen with minimal storage space (like so many NYC shoeboxes…I mean apartments)!

Older Models

  • The Instant Pot IP-DUO60 which holds 6 quarts and feeds at least a family of four is at a great price on Amazon.  I use this model in many of my videos and I love it!  But if I were to buy one today, it would be the Ultra or the Plus since they have more advanced displays and I love having the latest and greatest of everything!
  • The Instant Pot IP-DUO80 which holds 8 quarts and feeds at least a family of six (great for a large group or if you desire many leftovers as well).  This unit works better for larger-sized roasts as well and is the only 8 quart sized model in the Instant Pot line!
  • The Instant Pot Smart which holds 6 quarts and is the same functionality as the IP-DUO60 but with a slightly more advanced display and with Bluetooth capabilities meaning you have the option to control the pot from a free app you will download on your phone!


Better Than Bouillon

When it comes to a recipe requiring ANY kind of broth or stock (chicken, beef, vegetable, seafood – either of the organic OR reduced sodium variety as well), getting Better Than Bouillon is A MUST.  I promote this essential product all the time in my videos because not only does it taste better than boxed or broth, but it’s going to save you money and time as it will be right at your fingertips in the fridge!  All you do is scoop 1 teaspoon and mix with 1 cup of water and PRESTO! – you have 1 cup of broth!  You can find many of these at your local markets, but if you can’t, you can find all the base flavors at these clickable links too!:

The Instant Pot Starter Accessories Kit

This is a GREAT little bundle to get you started using your Instant Pot!  It includes a pair of silicone mitts, a silicone cover to keep your pot warm if you don’t want to add the lid back when warming finished food and a silicone mixing spoon rest!  Great price too!  Click here to buy! (The inner stainless steel pot isn’t included but that already comes with all Instant Pots!)

Stackable Pots

Did you know you could also do recipes that call for cooking two (or more) things at once where they can be cooked separately at the same time so they don’t have to touch one another?!  This means you can cook rice in one pot while cooking chicken in the other!  These handy stackable pots can be found by clicking this link right here or here!  Both are the same dimensions and set-ups!

Silicone Pod Trays

If you want to make my famous Potato Pancake Pillows, egg bites or cheesecake bites, then these silicone pod trays are for you! They are the perfect size for either your 6qt or 8 qt Instant Pot PLUS they don’t smell and are SUPER easy to clean! I absolutely love them!

Bundt Pan

If you wish to make something bundt-style, then THIS guys RIGHT HERE is the PERFECT thing for you (click here to buy!) I use this incredible little pan for classics such as my Stuffing and Bread Pudding. Not only does it ensure even cooking due to the hollowed center, but it also fits PERFECTLY into the 6qt and 8qt models! Definitely get this one!

Inner Baking Pans

There are SO MANY recipes you can make that utilize a pot-in-pot (or PIP).  My Cheesecake and Noodle Pudding are two examples. Therefore, you’ll want to buy either one or both of these Fat Daddio’s pans that will perfectly fit your 6 quart Instant Pot:

You’ll also want to click here to buy these parchment rounds which fit perfectly into the pans – especially when making a cheesecake (but not the noodle pudding)!

Carrying Case

Thinking about a carrying case to take your favorite cooking buddy on a trip or to a potluck?  The Quick & Carry Case is the PERFECT companion and with additional pockets/compartments for accessories, you can’t go wrong!

They are available in both the 6qt and 8qt sizes and will fit any Instant Pot model of that size. Buy yours here!

You can check out my honest and unbiased review which you can view here!

Cleaning Products

After a few uses, you may notice that the beautiful shine which once graced your Instant Pot may have dulled down. But that all changes in ONE MINUTE thanks to Bar Keeper’s Friend!

Just sprinkle some onto your dampened Instant Pot (or any dulled surface) scrub in with a damp sponge, let sit for one minute, then rinse off and dry with a paper towel.

And PRESTO! Your pot will look as good as new again!

Buy the powder version here and the liquid version here!

Click here to see a quick demo of it in action!


Steaming/Boiling Inserts

Did you know that Ikea’s marketplace has some SERIOUS goodies for your Instant Pot?    Because it does!

These Stabil steamer baskets will allow you to cook or steam THREE different things in your Instant Pot right at the same time!  And they will fit into any 6 OR 8qt models.  And not only that, IT’S FOR CHEAP!

Don’t have an Ikea near you? Buy them here!

You can check out my honest and unbiased review which you can view here!

Trivet and Steaming Support

While all Instant Pots come WITH trivets to rest your eggs, meats and veggies on, not ALL the trivets shipped are the same. If you find the one that came with your pot has too many gaps that eggs, meat or veggies may slip through, I highly suggest you get this one.  It also comes with a steel steamer basket with handles!  Click here to buy!

Or perhaps you’d only like a trivet that perfectly holds up to 6 individual eggs?  Click here to buy that!

Additional Sealing Rings

All Instant Pots have a silicone sealing ring that comes with it – and it’s a good thing because this ring is critical for a successful pressure cooking result.  Often, folks remove their silicone rings to clean them from the pot and then replace them (by the way – make sure you do this properly or the steam will escape from the lid and it won’t come to pressure). Sometimes, if done very often, this can cause some wear and tear.  Also, some people prefer to use different sealing rings depending on what’s cooking as the silicone has a tendency to retain the aromas of what was cooking (some use one for meats, one for seafood, one for desserts, etc).  These come in pairs at a GREAT price and you can get them in blue and red OR in the classic clear color. Click here to buy!

Instant Pot Glass Lid

If you would like to cover your Instant Pot while in Slow Cooking mode (yes, you can use it as a slow cooker too!), or just to keep your food warm, this quality Instant Pot branded glass lid you can purchase here will do the trick.

Bamboo Steamer

If you wish to steam some veggies or make my Soup Dumplings, you’ll DEFINITELY want to click here to buy this adorable 6″ bamboo steamer which fits perfectly into the 6 quart Instant Pot!

You’ll also want to buy these liners to fit the 6″ steamer!

I am also told that this 8″ steamer will fit in perfectly as well so click here to buy a larger size!

And you’ll also want to buy these liners to fit the 8″ steamer!

French Onion Soup Crocks

If you wish to make the best French Onion Soup you’ll ever have, you’re going to want to buy French Onion Soup Crocks to do it right!   These are going to come in VERY handle during the cheese broiling process and so I’ve listed two different types of crocks you can get. Both come in sets of 4 and are in that EXACT style you love.

Ninja Blender/Food Processor

Because some recipes focus on things that require food processing and/or a blending/purée (like my Cauliflower Purée), I HIGHLY suggest you get this fabulous Ninja Blender which ALSO doubles as a mini food processor.  It does all you could want it to do in a pulse fashion and then some as it comes with different sets of blades and a pitcher as well as mini food processor bowl.  All for a GREAT value. Click here to buy!

Immersion Blender

Sometimes, when making some soups, (like the orgasmic Beer Cheese Soup) and Immersion Blender comes in very handy.  This one is perfect and ALSO comes with an egg beater AND a mini food chopper attachment.  Click here to buy!  It will make your soup blending and puréeing SO much easier!

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

Certain recipes call for a mixer that has some serious power behind it, especially for some batters (like the one I used in my Cheesecake) or for even shredding chicken easily.  There really is nothing else like a Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  There’s a reason they’ve been around for ages and I just love that beautiful retro look they all have – not to mention they’ll become good friends with your Instant Pot!  I got mine 3 years ago and I still have no idea how I managed to live so long without it.  They make life in the kitchen so much easier!  Click here to buy this wonderful appliance!

Need to grate cheese for a recipe and hate doing it by hand?  Click here to buy this life-changing attachment!

Pyrex Ramekins

In order to make mini cakes in the Instant Pot (such as the famed Chocolate Lava Cake), you’ll want to get these 6-ounce Pyrex ramekins as they are perfect for it!  They are super affordable and come in a set of 4 and will last a while!

Zatarain's Shrimp & Crab Boil

Since my Shrimp Boil is one of my most popular dishes and because Zatarain’s isn’t easy to find in every market if you’re not in the southern US, you can get it here!  A little of this stuff (seriously, a splash is enough) goes a long way and it packs one serious punch!  Not only perfect for the Shrimp Boil, but for PLENTY of other seafood or cajun recipes alike!

Victoria White Linen Marinara Sauce

If you’ve seen my videos (like my Alla Vodka or Meatballs), you’ll know I am IN LOVE WITH Victoria White Linen Marinara Sauce and use it in any recipe that requires sauce (if I don’t have time to make my own, of course).  You can find this sauce at most Costcos and they are sold in 40oz jars in packs of 2 for a great price!  BUT if you aren’t a Costco member or if your local market doesn’t carry this brand, I strongly suggest you click here to buy this magnificent sauce if you don’t have the time to make your own.  I truly believe it’s some of the best jarred sauce you can buy and even Nonna would approve!

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